Saturday, 30 April 2011

New Life.

 A very young Coot and not particularly handsome at this stage of its new life ....

 ..... but at least its parents think differently.

Young Mallard however definitely have that 'ooh .. aah' factor.  FAB.


  1. oh, that poor baby coot! SO pitiful looking! :)

  2. That young Coot doesn't look a whole lot different than some teenagers I've seen! LOL. Nice pics, FAB.

  3. Sweet, cute babies, Frank! Even baby Coots :-)
    BTW, fantastic Header photo!

  4. It never ceases to amaze me how young Coots change so much as they grow.
    A good job their parents love them, looking like that. I doubt they'd ever feature on an Easter card lol

  5. Preciosa captura fotográfica. Saludos.

  6. Oh how sweet this young one and sort of like the ugly duckling tis really a swan, so very gorgeous set~

  7. I discovered the unique coot chick last year, just cracks me up! Great shots Frank, incl the mallard chick.

  8. Lovely images of the young birds.

  9. Awww! So cute! Love these photos Frank!

  10. Great images. The coot looks like a little old man. Perhaps that is where we get the phrase "Old Coot" when referring to an old man?

  11. Hi texwisgirl. Fortunately they look better as they get older!

    Hi Mona. Yeah, a bit rough round the edges

    Thanks Cindy.

    Hi Keith. Even a rarity on a calendar!

    Bienvenido Paco. Gracias por su visita y comentarios.

    Hi Mary. One of natures mysteries why the Coot is so ugly .. well to some that is.

    Hi Jann E. Always fun to see the youngsters in whatever garb.

    Cheers Andrew.

    Thanks Ginny.

    Thanks Sarah.

    Hi Lois. I think you hit that one on the head.


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