Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Patchwalk at ECP.

I have had a busy few days enjoying the continued sunshine including two visits to the coast which I'll post about later once I have sorted through the saved images. Yesterday (Monday) I made a brief mid morning visit to my local patch at Epsom Common to see if anything would pose for the camera.
 Blue Tit busily hunting for a late morning meal.

As on previous visits the Blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla) males were very vocal as they tried to entice the females into their territories but only one male came out of hiding briefly and still wouldn't show me a decent side view!

My ears followed the scratchy calls and I finally added Common Whitethroat (Sylvia communis) to the year list. This particular individual was constantly being chased from a patch of bramble and hawthorn by a male Blackcap.

Singing its heart out was a Willow Warbler (Phylloscopus trochilus) who again presented a challenge as it was perched some 45 feet above me! One day I might take the tripod with me to make my life easier.

 Back at the Stew Pond I thought better of asking the Grey Heron if it had a valid fishing permit.

One species can always be tempted into allowing a close portrait ... Mr. Canada Goose. One pair of Mandarin's were very frisky today and three other males watched in anticipation that her partner wasn't up to the task ... sorry no pics.

I also made a visit to Bookham Common and whilst trying to chase down some butterflies I heard another first for the year, a Cuckoo calling some distance away. With any luck I may get a sighting over the coming weeks but don't hold your breath for a close up photo!!    FAB. 


  1. The last portrait is pretty nifty. :) Also, image #4 looks as if he is calling to the ladies, "I'm over here!"

  2. that little willow warbler singing its heart out is my favorite. what a great bird!

  3. All systems go now Frank, with the spring arrivals. Love the Whitethroat.

    No Cuckoos here yet :(

  4. Hi Frank
    Lovely series of shots and its good to see the migrants getting established for the breeding season, and hopfully a lot more to come.

  5. Hi Frank,
    The heron looks a little puffy to me ;-) Beautiful set you got, I love the Canadian goose portrait as well as the hunting blue!!!

  6. The heron image is priceless. He looks so matter of fact sitting there. Carol

  7. Hi Frank,
    Beautiful pics and a great read as usual,


  8. Hi Lois. The WW is definitely looking for love .. lol.

    Hi texwisgirl. AND after flying here all the way from Africa!

    Hi Keith. Yeah, a good time to be out in the sunshine. Cuckoo will turn up soon. I had another sighting elsewhere today.

    Hi Monty. Thanks. The changing weather might drop a few in at the coast for you very soon.

    Hi Chris.

    Hi Carol. You definitely wouldn't want to argue with the pointed bit!

    Hi Dave. Cheers.

    Once again I'm a little behind with my blog reading but I'll catch up with you all very soon. Cheers FAB.

  9. Hi Chris. Not sure what you mean by puffy!! I have a few other shots with him performing some yoga positions ... lol.

  10. Cuckoos are a pain in the behind to catch on camera :D
    I love that Heron shot (and the rest of course). :)

  11. Hi Nicole. And they are often mistaken for an Accipitor in flight!! Delighted you enjoyed the trip round the pond.


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.


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