Thursday, 30 September 2010

Final Garden Flourish?

For some reason or other I have got way behind with posting images I have saved over the past few weeks. To start things off here is an update from the garden. With the recent drop in temperatures, increasing winds and rainfall I guess these will probably be the last of the summer blooms. 

The roses have continued to flourish but the blooms are not lasting very long now.
The main colour is from the Japanese Anemones and I'm delighted that the pink variety has decided to spread at long last. Still a few berries on the ailing Sorbus and a lot of healthy fruit on the ornamental Quince.
Some leaves are starting to change colour and a final flush from a Geranium that was cut back. Plenty of seed heads on the Clematis and no doubt I'll be hunting down the unwanted seedlings from the wind blown grasses very soon!
A few bugs were located amoungst the various foliage.
The last flush of colour from the Heleniums with food for the birds.   FAB. 

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Inquisitive Coot.

 A very inquisitive young Coot who nearly got too close for the lens!    FAB.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Unexpected Encounter (Part 3)

So here are the final images from my recent encounters with the Fallow Bucks.
 [Please click these links for all the previous images ... (Part 1) and (Part 2). ]
Who is watching who?
Time for a lick and clean up.
Can I reach? .... Of course I can.
But still keeping a wary eye on the interloper!
Until it was finally time to say good bye....until the next time.   FAB

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Late Summer Fliers.

Just a few of the images taken in the last 7 days or so.
Tatty and washed out Common Blue.


Distinctive underwing of the Comma while feasting on ripe Blackberries.

Male Common Darter lying in wait.

Common Darter - eyes in every direction.

Migrant Hawker

The weather forecast is not particularly good so who knows what we may find this week.  FAB.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Unexpected Encounter (Part 2)

The second unexpected encounter started with this young buck peering at the 'watcher' but ...
... the first to emerge from the undergrowth was this mature male.
He initially started to walk away but ...
... then stopped to look back at the 'watcher ...

.... or was he just waiting for the youngster?
Surprisingly they were both unfazed by the my presence and I'll share the final images in Part 3.   FAB. 

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Still Waters.

The peace and quiet along the river towpath.
Reflections on an almost still lake.
A Tuftie only makes a tiny ripple.
Even the Dabchick doesn't make waves.
And then along comes the heavyweight creating a bow wave and plenty of ripples.

For more Watery Wednesday images, please click this link.

PJB Update: After weeks of apparent brain inactivity there have been recent signs during the regular family visits and confirmed by his Nurses that PJB may be recognising sounds and his eyes appear to follow some movements around him. It is still too early to really understand where this may lead but perhaps the words and prayers will produce even more ripples.  FAB.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Unexpected Encounter (Part 1).

During a recent visit to a nearby park a Fallow Buck slowly emerged from the high lush green fern growth and provided the 'watcher' with a totally unexpected close encounter that lasted for many minutes.
Completely unfazed he gave the 'watcher' a sideways glance.... 
and then started to lick ...
and then time for a scratch.
Another enquiring look in the direction of the 'watcher' as he continued to chew....
..... before quietly moving away to join his comrades.  

Some minutes later I was privileged to repeat this experience with two other Fallow Deer and I'll share these moments in a follow up post.   FAB. 

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Getting Closer

As a follow up to the 'Study in Concentration' image posted on FABirding I thought I would share my recent encounter with this obliging Grey Heron.
This individual was standing absolutely motionless at the back of a small pool with the background reeds swaying around in the very strong breeze.
I took a few shots and then decided to follow a path around to the left using the reeds as a screen ...
.. and then crouched down to shoot through the railings on a wooden bridge in an attempt to get closer.
I was quite surprised that this individual stayed glued to the same spot and apart from some minor head movement (probably in response to the camera shutter sounds) it allowed me these close magical moments. A species that is definitely well know for its patience when hunting and I finally left it alone to continue its lonely vigil.
It would have been nice to capture this creature 'in action' but I was happy to make do with its stationary poses on this occasion.   FAB.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A Grey Tuesday.

On Tuesday I spent a couple of very quiet hours at Barnes WWT. With overcast skies and a very strong wind I was glad to be able to take refuge in the hides even though many of the resident birds were also hiding from the weather. 
Grey Heron and a Lapwing.

Time for a stretch while the Wigeon continued to sleep.

Male Gadwall asleep in its finely vermiculated grey plumage and prominent white speculum.

Mrs. Gadwall, who at a distance may resemble a Mallard, but has a smaller bill and again the white speculum is a giveaway.

One of a number of Grey Heron way out on the marsh.

Feral Pigeon ... fed up or overfed!

Actually it wasn't all grey as evidenced by the vibrant late summer blooms which form part of the 'praire' plantings.  FAB.


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