Sunday, 3 April 2011

All Up Front.

No real chance of any birding this weekend due to various family commitments so here are two close ups of a male White-headed Duck (Oxyura leucocephala) taken during visits to a wildfowl collection.

[ F/8; 1/400; ISO 800 @ 250mm ]

The above image was taken at the end of November when the bill only just shows a hint of the major change that will take place as this male prepares for the breeding season when he sports a more colourful front end in the following March (see below).  

[ F/11; 1/160; ISO 200 @ 300mm ] 

I hope to get out tomorrow morning and see if anything new has turned up locally ... FAB.


  1. AWESOME bill! Almost looks prehistoric in the first one, then totally art deco in the second!

  2. OMG! I love this duck Frank. He "or she" is adorable. Adorable. Thanks for the sentiment. I am hoping to be to normal in another day or two. Carol

  3. Love these! So close up and clear.

  4. Hi Frank nice shots of the WHD and enjoy the walk this morning, a few bits are moving through down here.
    Ring Ouzals, Beeeaters, Purple Heron,Swallows and Sand Martins.

  5. Great Photo's Frank & Superb Blogging - Reagrds Lee - Essex Bird Watch

  6. Two very nice Images Frank,he seems to be a big chap.
    I agree with Monts.

  7. I'd call that a "Loaf" of Duck. Great shots.

  8. Thanks texwisgirl. I like your descriptive terminology.

    Thanks Lois.

    Cheers Carol. Very glad to hear you are on the mend.

    Thanks Mona.

    Hi Monty. I noticed that all the good activity was in the far south-west AGAIN. Unfortunately nothing new around here.

    Hi Lee. Thanks and welcome.

    JRandSue. Thanks John. Fancy carrying that snozzle round all the time .. lol.

    Hi Richard. Definitely a lump to carry around up front.

  9. Hi Frank.. when I saw that first duck I burst into laughter...what a great photo!!
    The color the bill turns is amazing..Gods creations never cease to amazing me!!

  10. Funny looking duck, but I guess really hard to take picture of it due to the strong contrast! Very beautiful shots Frank!

  11. Hi Grammie. All that just to impress the ladies .. lol.

    Hi Chris. Yes, I struggled to get the right balance.


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