Wednesday, 20 April 2011

North Wall at Pagham.

On the weekend after my trip to Pagham Harbour Anita intimated that she would like to have a paddle at the coast and suggested a visit to Pagham Spit. Once again the high tide wasn't until much later in the afternoon but with the sun shining we headed to the coast and while I sorted out my gear Anita carefully navigated her way over the shingle to find a spot to rest and read while waiting for the water to get closer.

I headed off towards the North Wall following the pathway and then the shoreline looking out initially on a very waterless landscape and most of the wildlife very distant.

A male Reed Bunting stopped briefly to say hello.

Looking inland at the North Wall the scene again appeared very quiet with little floating about on the pools.

However it wasn't long before Mrs. Mallard floated past with her ten little charges in tow.

I just wonder how many will eventually survive these early weeks of new life!

I then enjoyed the flying displays of several pairs of Black-tailed Godwits who have obviously decided to hang around and now sporting their rich breeding plumage.

I won't bore you with a list of the species seen but suffice it to say that I eventually logged a total of 51 including listening to Cetti's Warbler belting out its distinctive call from a hidden location.

The final poser was a [Common] Linnet and then it was time for me to respond to a text message ... return to the car ... collect the packed lunch ... and join Anita on her tiny patch of sand amongst the shingle. Sorry no pictures of the person paddling ... permission to publish denied.   FAB.

Sightings Update: Nothing new locally so a visit early this morning to Staines Reservoir enabled me to add a very distant Velvet Scoter, Slavonian (Horned Grebe) in breeding plumage plus Common Terns to year list. This was followed by a very brief walk at Barnes WWT (crowded with visitors as expected) to watch the Sand Martins plus an attempt to photograph a Reed Warbler singing deep in the reed bed.


  1. Love that Godwit photo Frank :-)

    PS thanks for the lens info, not confusing at all...... well, much :-)

  2. Is Anita your wife? I'd expect the "permission to publish denied" as such. :)

    nothing better than baby ducklings. just cute little buggars.

  3. Great post, Frank! The mallard chicks are adorable. My favorite is the Godwit in flight. Great photos.

  4. Just love those baby ducklings. :)

  5. What a trip and all those birds. I love the mallard-lings the best though. Who can resist a baby mally. Carol

  6. Thanks Warren.

    Hi texwisgirl. Yes, correctly guessed

    Thanks Eileen, Lois And Carol. Difficult not to like the fluffy youngster.

  7. ...sounds like you two had a wonderful day. Anita's text made me laugh! Tell Anita I said hi!

    Love the Godwit photos. I saw my first Marbled Godwit up close this March in Florida--their bills are beautiful.

  8. Great series, Frank. Love those little ducklings.

  9. Great set Frank,Like the Godwit flight shots, Nice one.

  10. One word: Gorgeous!

    I love that Godwit, wow.... and the nature just makes me go 'sigh'.... but I think I've mentioned that before ;)

    Too bad the paddler doesn't want to be shown ;)

    And 51 species,.... dang! That's an impressive number!

  11. Loved this post. There's so much to see and enjoy.

  12. Hi Kelly. Your message will be relayed. Just a pity the Godwits weren't siting a few feet away ... that would have provided some interesting images.

    Thanks Mona.

    Cheers Monty. It was good to get something different in the frame for once.

    Hi Nicole. Didn't really mean to make you envious ... lol.

    Thank very much EG Wow.

  13. Thanks (to you and the paddler!) for sharing. You had a beautiful wait as well as paddle -- a perfect way to spend the day. Great birds -- many completely unfamiliar to me. I do know what you mean about the ducklings -- they lead a perilous life early on here too! Linnet is a beautiful name for a bird. It just sounds beautiful.

  14. Certainly looks a great place Frank.
    Love the Black-tailed Godwits in flight.
    Lovely plumage this time of year.

  15. Hi Sallie. I think it's fun to view birds and experinces of wildlife from across the globe .. that's what blogging is all about.

    Hi Keith. Excellent birding location in Winter, Spring and Autumn. We will have to organise a trip for you sometime.

  16. The mommy and babies are so cute! Great photos!

  17. Thanks Inger. It's that time of year when the 'ahh' factor reappears.


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