Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Bluebells at Hatchlands Park.

If you want to see Bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) don't delay a trip out to your favourite woodland location because here in the south-east (UK) they have flowered about two weeks earlier than last year as a result of the warmer, drier weather. 
These shots were taken today at Hatchlands Park N.T. and the display is now at its best. The perfumed fragrance as I entered the wood mid morning during part of my bird walk was absolutely wonderful.  FAB.
Gentle Reminder: For anyone wishing to join me on the Dawn Chorus Walk (5am on 1st May) at Hatchlands Park please make sure that you have booked your place by phoning  01483 222482.


  1. the growth around the log looks so beautiful! i can imagine the heady scent, having just experienced our Texas bluebonnets!

  2. Oh my - simply divine! Sooo enjoy your blog.

  3. Oh I love Bluebells and while yours look a little different then ours, thay are all so majestic and I love viewing fields of them. I know a spot where they shall be blooming soon near a waterfall, but the landowners have "No Trespassing" signs nailed up all over the place...;(

  4. Beautiful images. I love bluebells. Carol

  5. Hi texwisgirl. I regret the pics don't really do the whole blue carpet justice .. should have changed the lens!

    Thank you so much Mona. I hope the snowing ceases soon for you.

    Hi Mary. People flock miles to see these fantastic blue carpets.
    'Private .. No Trespassing' ... that's 'red rag to a bull' .. whoops given the game away!!

    Hi Carol. Who wouldn't fall in love with such a beautiful Spring fragrant carpet of blue.

  6. Hi Frank...your my first..UK blogger friend that is~~lol~~to post the Bluebell!!
    They are a gorgeous, gorgeous sight!! Your collage is wonderful!!
    Good for you!!

  7. Such beautiful little flowers. :)

  8. ...beautiful, Frank. I love these!

  9. Hi Grammie. ME first, now that is a first. I'm sure there will be lots to follow after the Easter weekend.

    Hi Lois. Yes they are.

    Hi Kelly. Just a pity the show doesn't go on forever.

  10. Lovely photos, bluebells are very photogenic aren't they.

    The bluebells in Scotland where I live are no where near flowering yet ... I've got some in my garden and just greenery at the moment. We've still got them to look forward to!


  11. Wonderful images there, Frank. Don't fall off your seat now... but I've never seen/wandered in a Bluebell wood ;-o I'm wondering if there are fewer up our way.

    Enjoy your dawn chorus. They do them on a local reserve here too. I should go one morning. Funnily enough I love listening the last choruses of the day and the way the evening winds down :-D

  12. Thanks Karen. I'll look forward to seeing some pics when yours are in bloom.

    Hi shirl. Well, I'm gobsmacked to hear that .... there must be some somewhere surely?


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