Friday, 8 April 2011

Small is Beautiful.

Small Tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae) is often one of the first flutters to appear after hibernation, usually on warm sunny days during March. Both sexes are alike although many individuals can be seen with various aberations; particularly reduced orange colouration and the dark spots fused together resulting from exposure to low or high temperatures during the last 24 hours of the chrysalis stage or the first 48 hours of the pupal stage. Click here at UK Butterflies for more information and a wide range of images for this species.

I enjoyed the company of this individual, who is already showing signs of wing tip wear, during a lengthy walk at Pagham Harbour today. 

Wherever you are I hope you have a glorious wildlife watching weekend.   FAB.


  1. Really nicely captured, Frank. I love the pollen grains all over the body. Lovely work – Tim

  2. Thanks Tim. I didn't notice he/she was well sprinkled until I checked the enlarged image!

    Cheers Tammy.

  3. i love the long hairs around his body. :) nature is truly amazing.

  4. So very lovely! Its pattern and colors are beautiful. A splendid sight!

  5. Frank,
    The colors are all wonderful, that bright orange--but that blue is the best. What a lovely little butterfly. I didn't know that colors were effected by temperatures in the crysalis stage--how interesting!
    Your photos are so nice.

  6. Exquisite! Spring is here for you.

  7. Nice one Frank, its good to see things starting to move had a Peacock Flutterby in the garden yesterday.

  8. Hi texwisgirl. Nature sure is just that.

    Hi Julie G. Cheers. Hopefully over the coming months it will be followed by many more in diferent garbs.

    Hi Kay. I also wasn't aware of this fact until I started reading in more depth about some of the species.

    Hi Mona. Yes, but I think the weather might bite back very soon!

    Hi Monty. Great to see the flutters getting active. A white and a tiny blue passed through the garden here today.

    Thanks Sarah.

  9. I released my first Monarch yesterday...17 caterpillars to go. since I've started blogging I've found there is very little in nature that isn't beautiful..if you just take the time to look..and blogs give us that opportunity.

  10. Hi Frank....hope you are enjoying this unusually warm spell.

    Great detail on the image.....well done, beautifully captured.

  11. Hi Carol. That must have been awesome. I remember seeing a few at Cape May many years ago.

    Hi Cheryl. Yes, and I have the heat rashes to prove it!


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