Sunday, 3 April 2011

Colour for Mother's Day.

Both sets of parents will be visiting us later today for Sunday lunch so hopefully if the weather is fair they will get a chance to view whatever colours are on offer in the garden.

 Narcissus (Reggae) with the pink cup.

Muscari, Chaenomeles and Tulipa humilis 'Persian Pearl'.

Happy Mother's Day ...... FAB.


  1. Gorgeous flowers and photos!

  2. Spring is beautiful there. I hope you all have a lovely time together. I wish my parents could still come to visit.

  3. Hi Frank..that is fantastic that your parents are able to do that ...charish the days!!
    Your spring garden flower are lovely and colorful!!
    We had 8 inches of heavy wet snow on Friday..I say it is Old Man Winters,April fools day joke on Spring!! I lost internet and eletric power for over 12 hours due to the storm!!

  4. Oh your flowers are just gorgeous. We still have winter here - raining today, 37 degrees, windy, cloudy - Oh well, that's Montana weather!

  5. Hope you enjoy your Sunday Frank.
    Beautiful collages! Just love the flowers & colours with the Spring season.

  6. I was trying to figure out why I had so few tulips this year, and then found a few of the bulbs were dead and mushy- some sort of larvae got a hold of them.

  7. A lovely tribute to mothers everywhere....tku Frank.
    Hope you and yours have a bright and sunny day....enjoy.
    Hmmmmm I can smell that Sunday roast!!

  8. I like the unusual salmon / pink coloured trumpet on the narcissus.

  9. Great shots Frank esp the Pink Daffodil

  10. Hi Everyone. Both sets of parents arrived safely, enjoyed their time with us and are now on their homeward journeys.

    Thanks Eileen and texwisgirl.

    Hi Lois and Grammie. We are fortunate that they are all still relatively mobile and we can share some precious time together in their advancing years. Requests for help are getting more frequent but of course we are ready and willing to help whenever.

    Hi Grammie and Mona. I hope our spring offerings will help to keep your minds off your inclement weather.

    Thank you Shirleyanne.

    Hi Mike B. I only grow the smaller botanical specie Tulips directly in the borders as they fare much better than the taller flowering hybrids. I guess yours have suffered from one of the variou pathogens such as bacterial soft rot, bulb nematodes or 'mushy rot'.

    Hi Cheryl. Fortunately the sun shone for a while and they enjoyed a lovely slow cooked braised steak lunch.

    Hi M John and Monty. Yes, N. Reggae is unusual and one of my favourites.


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.


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