Monday, 4 April 2011

Nothing New.

Despite carrying out a circuit of the paddocks at Horton Country Park mid morning and another visit to the Stew Pond (Epsom Common) this afternoon I didn't log anything new. However many of the local residents including Wren, Blackbird, Chaffinch, Song Thrush, Great Tit, Nuthatch, Parakeet, Jackdaw and Green Woodpecker plus numerous Chiffchaffs and a few skulking Blackcaps were very vocal.

 Chiffchaff always perching where a clear cut view is impossible.

 Mrs. Canada was more interested in a juicy grass snack and totally ignored my plea for a passport photo!

 Cormorant once again defeating the speed setting on the camera!

In a grassy patch within the woodland I spotted Mr. and Mrs. Mandarin out for a quiet stroll together.

 Once again the Long-tailed Tit only provided a side on view.

Great Tit blasting out its usual song.

Just before reaching the car park I noticed that the pair of Mandarin Ducks were not too keen on the presence of another male. There was a bit of posturing before the interloper decided to waddle away into the undergrowth and I returned home without any new sightings. Maybe something will turn up somewhere later this week.   FAB.


  1. Hi Frank,
    Some marvelous photo`s again! I particularly like the posturing Mandarin, a really stunning bird! The back view of the Canada Goose shows the beautiful detail of the feathers.
    I am sure that something new will turn up soon for your camera to enjoy (and you, ofcourse! ;))
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  2. Great series again! That last photo is amazing.

  3. I would be delighted to be able to see so many different birds on one walk. Lovely images.

  4. but even repeats are worth watching on your blog! :)

  5. Yes I know what you mean about the Chiffy Frank.{:)

  6. Hi Frank... I know you would like to see some new birds,but I so do love your photos, so for me these are great!!
    One of my very favorite little birds you have there is the Long- Tailed Tit, and I never get tired of him!!
    The Mandarins are such a fasinating duck, and they are always great!!

  7. We all get days when things are a bit quite Frank, but at least you got a few nice pics. I went out yeaterday morning and all I saw were a few Dunnocks.

  8. Wow Frank - these are Super! LOVE that posturing Mandarin. It is so neat to see behaviour shots like this!!

  9. Another good sequence Frank!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  10. Great photos of all the birds - even if they weren't new!

  11. Nothing new of course, but what a show you got man!!! Well I'd love to see and take pictures of so much but nothing has arrived yet over here... Your mandarin shots are my favs, but the whole set is very nice!

  12. I love them all, but Mrs.Canada is very special:)

  13. Lovely images Frank. I loved the Goose image. Nice humour.

  14. Lovin those mandarin shots----and I always enjoy seeing the long tailed tit..such a cute bird

  15. "Cormorant once again defeating the speed setting on the camera!"
    Oh Boy! There's my first good laugh of the day.
    All in all it was a pretty good walk and given the light I think your birds show well.
    Living in a place that doesn't get Mandrins as I do I'm a little jealous of your nonchalance when you show them off. Great stuff!

  16. You're right - nothing new - just some beautiful, outstanding photos. You amaze me.

  17. Great sequence of shots! Even the same birds do different things at times. Those Mandarins are something!

  18. Hi John. A few more rear enders today and one new sighting after four hours on my feet!

    Thanks Mona. Would have liked to have been closer but they were not in the mood!

    Thanks Lois and texwisgirl.

    Similar problems today Roy .. but that's birding!!

    Hi Grammie. I was just getting a bit peeved when everyone else over here seems to be picking up new species but the LT Tit certainly steels the show any day.

    Hi Monty. Yeah, I'll just have to try getting up even earlier.

    Me too Carol.

    Thanks Kerri. Just a lucky moment as I nearly ignored them.

    Cheers Gary.

    Thanks Mick.

    Hi Chris. Well I try to keep you entertained while you rest and recuperate.

    Thanks joo.

    Thanks Andrew. Sometimes a little twisted but that's The Early Birder .. lol.

    Thanks Bob.

    Hi Sondra. Yes, the exotic species does offer a good profile.

    Cheers Springman. I like to keep you entertained Dave AND you see species I can only dream about!

    Hi Bill s. Appreciate the compliments as always.

    Thanks Pat. Yeah, most of them turned away again today .. that's life.

  19. Looks like an awesome outing -- so many great birds! Really love to see those Mandarins, they are gorgeous!

  20. Pat Ulrich. Cheers. Yes, I'm fortunate to have such varied habitats and species on the doorstep.

  21. Awesome shots as always Frank. The posturing Mandarin Ducks are spectacular!

    These birds may be he same old birds to you, but remember, one man's commons are another person's rarities!

  22. Thanks Larry. I'll try to remember not to be too nonchalant about my local Mandarins.


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