Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas Greetings

Over the past few months much of my time has been spent researching family genealogy interspersed with just a few wildlife outings hence the lack of posting.

During October I spent some time in one of the local parks watching the comings and goings of some the resident Red Deer.

Red hind with her suckling fawn.

In early November we spent a very windy week on the north Cornish coast, celebrating Anita's birthday while enjoying some bracing coastal walks and visits to a number of quaint fishing villages plus a bit of birding along the Hale Estuary.

 One of my favourites, the Little Egret.

The Red stags have also been very active and vocal. I will share some more images of these glorious creatures very soon.

To all our blogging friends and any other passers-by Anita and I send our best wishes and hope you all have a very enjoyable Christmas wherever you are... FAB


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