Saturday, 16 April 2011

An Aerial View.

Have a great wildlife watching weekend, wherever you are.   FAB.


  1. Oh Frank, you put that gorgeous image I love so much on your header. Fantastic. Carol

  2. Hi Frank..nothing like a view from the cute!
    An a great weekend to you and Edna!!

  3. Hi Frank..ooop's I knew the minute I pushed publish "it's not Edna"..sorry Anita!!

  4. Perhaps he'll help reception. ;) Very nice image.

  5. P.S. That Header is fantastic.

  6. What beautiful photos Frank!! Love that header!! You have a great weekend also!

  7. That's a great shot and great title! :)

  8. I sometimes wonder how often poor TV signals are caused by birds on aerials, especially when a couple of pigeons or a group of rooks decide to stop and survey the local area.

  9. Dreadful pun but lovely photo Frank :)

    I thoroughly enjoyed the visit to Pagham Harbour on the previous post. Sixty species was excellent! Well done on the Wheatear. Lovely Linnet photo and so nice to see the Mistle Thrush...I never do!

    Great new header from your recent close encounter also :)

  10. Hi Carol. Well it was about time for a change and he seemed the obvious choice at this moment.

    Hi Grammie. Thanks, I'm enjoying the sunshine in the garden and Anita is baking!

    Hi Lois. OR ... scupper it!!

    Thanks Mona.

    Thanks Ginny.

    Hi texwisgirl. Just a quick one I pulled out of the bag.

    Hi M John. I guess we'll really never know but they can sure do some damage over time.

    Hi ShySongbird. Just my sense of humour Jan!
    Strangely enough I don't see very many Mistles since I stopped working at RHS Wisley where they were very common.

  11. Has he heard about the Digital Switchover.?

  12. wonder if he gets the Nature Channel?

  13. Roy ... I doubt it

    Thanks Sarah.

    Thanks Debbie.

    Hi Susan. Nice one .. and I bet he even understands it!


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