Thursday, 28 April 2011

Marital Tiff.

During a recent patch walk I noted one pair of Canada Geese siting together at the waters edge but the peace and quiet didn't last long ......

The master raised his head high and began to bellow and honk .... I couldn't see any reason for this behaviour, which can often be witnessed when other pairs encroach on a territory, as there were no other individuals within view .....

Then he then lowered his neck and belted out his aggression on his partner who responded by flattening herself and perhaps this was a precursor to a bit of 'you know what' but she just turned aside and ignored him!

The ruckus was over in a matter of moments and all went quiet again ... just a marital tiff perhaps.    FAB.

Patch Update: Sightings so far this week have included Yellowhammer, Hobby and Swallow to bring the 2011 total up to 66.


  1. Dear Mr. Gander: Hollering will get you no where. Try SWEET talking her!

  2. ...haha! It probably has something to do with his mother-in-law... :-)

  3. Everybody always talks about how cool it is that geese mate for life -- but from what I've seen I don't necessarily think that it's always all sweetness and light ... (so what else is new in the Animal Kingdom ;>)?)

    Beautiful series -- I love following along on your walks.

  4. Excellent captures. Maybe he was just venting his frustrations!

  5. How unusual, shouldn't it be the other way around.{:)

  6. Hi Therasa. Perhaps he had already tried that tactic .. lol.

    Hi Kelly. I couldn't possibly comment on that!

    Hi Sallie. Glad you enjoyed this little interlude.

    Hi Mona. Ha ha ...

    Thanks Kah-Wai Lin.

    Cheers Roy. You suffering as well!!

  7. Hi Frank...the last year of that in my life ended in a divorce!!!!!!
    He didn't like the fact that I ignored his screaming!! hahaha!!

  8. I'm with texwisgirl, a few compliments every now and than works wonders. Super series, Frank!

  9. Hi Grammie. Very rare to hear any shouting in this household.

    Hi Julie G. I'm certain you are right.

  10. Great sequence! Shows geese are just likc us, or is it the other way around?

  11. Looks like he's wondering who the "busy body" is with the camera.

  12. I always think of Canada Geese as being the most argumentative bird species of all. They never seem to shut up!

  13. It's always so amusing, and fun, to see a feathered couple having a squabble! Love your header shot!


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