Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Small Treasures.

An overcast, damp and windy day today (Tuesday) was definitely not conducive to getting decent photos of any sightings. Despite these adverse conditions the birds were still singing their hearts out as I wandered around two separate locations a little further away from home.

 Our little pocket rocket, the Wren, blasted out its song but always from a well concealed perch.
Again Chiffchaffs were the everywhere but it was also good to listen to the warbling male Blackcaps even if they also chose inappropriate song posts for the lens. At Riverside Country Park I did at least manage one new Surrey sighting for the year as 8 Swallows showed off their aerial acrobatics over the lake while catching insects around midday. Hopefully they will appear on the local patch list very soon.

Early afternoon saw me trudging around Bookham Common hoping to hear some new arrivals but again it was mainly Chiffys and Blackcap. Lapwings were displaying over the nearby farmland and a resident Common Buzzard made a brief distant sortie to stir up the Pigeons and Starlings.

I have peered at various images of the American Goldfinch on many of my readers blogs on the other side of the pond so I grabbed a very brief opportunity through the car window to capture our Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis) just so they can see what a colourful little species we enjoy over here.

Back at home in the garden, two other small treasures have opened up. Erythronium 'Pagoda' and I'm delighted that the clump is slowly getting larger year upon year .....

... plus Anemone nemorosa 'Robinsoniana' providing some muted colour on the shaded side of the path.

Hopefully with better weather predicted for the next few days we may find some new species arriving locally who may not be quite so camera shy!    FAB.


  1. Such nice pictures Frank. Your Goldfinch is a lot different than ours. But very pretty also. I love to hear them sing. I don't see Wrens much. Just waiting for warmer weather. There were some snowflakes in the air today.

  2. HI Frank...Swallows..I'm am jealous, but I have faith they will be here soon too A new sighting to brighten you're day!!
    You have gorgeous flowers in your garden....the blue one is lovely!!
    Hope tomorrow brings sunshine for you!!

  3. Lovely series, Frank! And I love your Goldfinch - so striking in colors and patterns. Much flashier than ours.

  4. You and your camera find so many beautiful things even on an overcast day. Very nice.

  5. Oh, stopped by for a visit

  6. Your goldfinches are extraordinary. :) Always enjoy seeing the differences you have in your birds vs. the US.

  7. Wonderful post Frank. The birds are starting to arrive here also. I had 3 new species at the bog yesterday! your Goldfinch is so brightly colored. Our American goldfinch males are just molting to thier breeding plumage. I love their bright yellow coats with little black caps! Thanks for the walkabout!

  8. Frank lovely birds and flowers. Looks like you had a birdie day.

  9. Hi Frank,
    A very interesting blog, as usual and great pics! I saw my first swallow a couple of days ago, will post blog today hopefully!


  10. Beautiful set of picutres Frank... Now just right now, it is snowing again over here ;-) Incredible!!! I love your goldfinch picture and hope i'll get one like this this summer

  11. Hi Ginny. I certainly HEAR Wrens more than I see. More snow!! I do hope Spring is not far away for you and your wildlife.

    Hi Grammie. I'm sure it won't be long before you are scouring the heavens and watching those returning Swallows. Guess what, it was nearly too hot today .. 21C .. nearly shorts and T-shirt weather AND now the garden needs rain!!

    Hi Mona. Yes, your Goldfinch looks more like our Greenfinch ... must try to get a decent image to post.

    Hi Lois. Well I try my best to find something to post.

    Thanks for the vist Andy.

    Hi texwisgirl. If I hadn't started blogging I wouldn't have seen (virtually that is) many of the species posted.

    Hi Kathie. 3 new sightings .. good on you. Delighted you could follow in my footsteps.

    Thanks Eileen. It was a fair to middling day as we say.

    IOW Birder. Thanks Dave, I'll pop by very soon.

    Hi Chris. We are sharing weatrher at both ends of the scale right now. The Goldie is a colourful one to bag.

  12. Larry Oldfield. Thanks for your visit and comment.


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.


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