Saturday, 31 January 2009

60 years old - Does anything change?

The 'Early Birder' reached an apparent milestone today - 60 years old but do I feel any different and will anything change?

Well firstly I don't feel any different and age is not something I consciously think about except when the occasional aches & pains take longer to subside. I'm thankful that my change of work and lifestyle some 12 years ago has kept me reasonably fit and healthy. Whilst I'd like to retire that is not a viable option just yet but when it is I will have plenty of things to keep me occupied.....not least will be more time for wildlife watching.

So no 'formal' birding to day as we visited my parents for a quiet meal and to catch up on family gossip including an update on their garden visitors.

I know you are wondering what did I get for my birthday? Well lots of cards from the family including some contributions towards the cost of the new camera and lenses that I recently purchased - an enjoyable surprise and all very much appreciated. Hopefully Anita will help me make some personalised 'thank-you' cards!

Anita presented me with an application form for a 'Freedom Pass' so I will be able to travel FREE on buses & trains, subject to certain criteria - Great news.

I also received an unexpected gift from David, a work colleague and co-leader of bird walks at work, of a photograph taken of Waxwings, one of my all time favourites. David & I have been fortunate in seeing Waxwings in the gardens at RHS Wisley on two seperate occasions in previous 'intruptive' years and we are still hoping that they may visit again this year but berry stocks are thin on the ground so it may not happen. Anyway I'll always have this picture as a reminder.


  1. Birthday Greetings From Minnesota!!

    Happy Birthday to you Frank! It sounds like you had a wonderful day. The photo from your friend is a gift fo a memory. I hope you enjoy your "Freedom Pass" and I hope you'll take us all along on your adventures.

  2. Happy birthday!! The waxwing photo is simply stunning!!

  3. A Very Happy Birthday to you Frank; (apologies for being a day late!) and welcome to the club :D

    Another benefit of belonging to this elite Society is that you now qualify for reduced entry fees on nearly everything - so remember to look at the price lists! And some memberships of organisations also offer reduced subscriptions.

    David's picture of the Waxwings is lovely - hope they do return to Wisley.

  4. A belated Happy Birthday to you Frank! Heck, 60 is when life BEGINS, right? ;c) Beautiful photo there, and good memories of seeing a magnificent bird.

  5. Many happy returns Frank, (well 30 at least).

  6. To my "Earlybirders" from near & far away - THANKYOU for the delightful comments.

  7. Happy Birthday and Happy Birding

  8. Hi Frank,
    Sorry I missed your birthday, but please accept my belated best wishes.
    P.S. Love that picture of Cedar Waxwings!


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