Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Foggy....but is there life at RHS Wisley?

A very drab and foggy day at Wisley so a midday walk out to the Rock & Wild Garden to see if there was any life about (apart from the limited numbers of visitors).

I was therefore pleased to find Galanthus (Snowdrops) emerging but forgot to write down the varieties - this certainly wouldn't do if I was a "Galanthafile"!

The calming sound of water trickling over the rocks and a pair of Mallard 'walking on thin ice' on the stream....
Sorry. no excuses for snapping another variety of fragrant Hamamelis in the Wild Garden

and the emerging bud on a Camellia.....can't wait to
capture the flowers over the next few weeks.
Misty views across Seven Acres lake.....
and two very confiding Egyptian Geese, who are regular visitors and probable local breeders.
An attempt to get a close-up of the preening process.

And finally a view of an old favourite that in the early spring will have an under carpet of vibrant blue this space!

I now have two days holiday so a trip to Dungeness beckons with the promise of adding a few species to my 2009 year list.......wish me luck as the weather forecast is not brilliant.


  1. Ooooh - snowdrops. I shall definitely be "down your way" next week!

    Lovely pictures Frank and enjoy Dungeness! Hope you get some pics.

  2. Thanks Tricia...I'll do my best but don't think the sun will shine tomorrow!

  3. Have a wonderful trip Frank. Hey, we'll trade you several Canada geese for one of your Egyptian? :c)

  4. Not sure it's a fair trade Jayne as we have more than enough Canada Geese as well.


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