Sunday, 25 January 2009

RSPB Big Garden Watch

Not a great day for 'garden' bird watching

My one hour visitors were:
  • House Sparrows (3)
  • Greenfinch (4)
  • Robin (1)
  • Dunnock (1)
  • Blackbird (2)
  • Blue Tit (1)
  • Parakeet (1)
  • Collared Doves (7)
  • Feral Pigeons (3)


  1. The bird with the orange is beautiful. What kind of bird is that?


  2. Frank - I'm sure the birds know they're expected to be "counted" and disappear accordingly! Luck you with the Sparras though. :D

  3. Kallen - It is a Robin (Erithacus rubecula), one of the smallest thrushes & commonly known as "Robin Redbreast" for obvious reasons. Males & females practically identical.

    Tricia - You are so right. Hopefully the 'spadgers' will stick around again this year.

  4. Wow, I've never seen a Robin with that beautiful coloration. Our American Robin is dark with the coral breast. He's beautiful!

  5. Great pictures. Love your robins.

  6. Jayne & Richard. Glad you like Robin 'Redbreast'. I'll try to post some more pics idc.

    Jayne, Robins are one of the most friendliest garden visitors but have a dual personality. Can be very aggressive during breeding season!


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