Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow stops traffic but not the birds.

A dramatic change in the weather overnight has resulted in all local transport being cancelled, numerous accidents and road closures....all because of 30+cm of snow!
This also meant that I am working from home today while popping back & forwards in case any avian visitors are within range of the camera set up in the upstairs rear bedroom.
There was a lot of activity around the feeder hung up in the Pittosporum but my movements soon made them fly away. I then cleared two of the other feeders of snow to allow the birds to feed.
Visitors so far today: Blackbirds (3), Blue Tit, Great Tit, Dunnock (2 at least), Robins (3), Collared Doves, Feral Pigeons, Greenfinches (4) & House Sparrows (2).


  1. I love the photos. The birds look so cute against the white back drop.

  2. I think your post title sums it up very aptly Frank.

    So sorry you were forced to be at home enjoying the birds today - ooops I mean working hard from home!

  3. I agree Kallen, but did not find it easy to get accurate focus (Greenfinches thro' the window)with so much white.

    Tricia, good to see you also had a fun packed day,as did the birds. Just don't ask me to quantify what work I've done 2day. May have to catch up 2morrow if we get another snow storm!

  4. Beautiful bird photos in the snow! The 2nd one was my favorite - very crisp!

  5. ...first time to your site...coming through Kallen's blog. The little Robin is such an adorable bird. You've captured such a sweet expression on the Robin in the tree.

  6. I agree Shelly, he may feature again as the Robin is the original "early bird".

  7. Welcome Kelly, I'm pleased you liked the Robin, & hope you will call again.
    I've had a quick peek at 'Red & the Peanut' & in those immortal words "I'll be back". Cheers Frank.


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