Saturday, 17 January 2009

Winter garden images.

Whilst doing some tidying up in the garden I thought I would share a few images, including the first Narcissus coming into flower.

Tatty Snowdrop

Helleborus orientalis but what colours will I get from the various self sown seedlings?

Seed heads on Leycesteria formsa (Himalayan honeysuckle)

Euonymous alatus (Winged spindle)

Echinops (Globe Thistle) that doesn't know it's not summer!

And finally a very welcome visitor BUT should it be out in the cold?


  1. It's amazing that things seem ready to start the blooming process again. We've had a pretty mild winter here until this past week of arctic air coming in, and when I went to get the mail yesterday, I noticed that my Autumn Joy Sedum is already green at the base...ack! Wait! Not yet!

  2. Jayne, I also noticed that a climbing rose was also in bud - with milder, wetter 'winters' over here the plants are confused.

  3. Lovely to see winter colour in flowering plants. There are daffodils in bloom around the roundabout where the A244 joins the A3. They are in bloom in January every year and in 2-3 weeks it will be a yellow carpet. It's my indicator of springs imminent arrival!

  4. Yes Tricia I will no doubt see swathes of yellow very soon - a very cheerful sight.

  5. Lovely flowers to warm up my day! Enjoyed the ladybug - I found one in my cabin this weekend! Must've been avoiding our -18 degree weather!

  6. Shelly, Back to work today & another damp grey day. Not sure I could cope with -18!
    Some while ago a customer told me she had 000's of Ladybirds overwintering inside her house & wondered what she should do!! I refered her to my friendly entomologist.

  7. I've just come across your blog Frank and love the photography. I have added you to my 'Blogs list' and will certainly be coming back for more.

  8. Thanks Steve, I appreciate the compliment & hope you enjoy future posts.


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