Friday, 9 January 2009

A lunchtime stroll....

Despite the low temperatures I took a short lunchtime stroll around the gardens at work to see what avian friends were around and to take a few 'snaps' of my weekday surroundings that constitute my "borrowed garden".
On Battleston Hill the large feeder was alive with Blue, Great and Coal Tits, plus Chaffinches, Goldfinches, one Nuthatch and several Robins all frantically feeding and fairly oblivious to my presence. Hidden beneath the shrubs were three very vocal Jays and several Blackbirds.

I then walked to the top of the Oudolf Borders and spent a few peaceful moments scanning the tops of the Alders...... and amoungst a mixed flock of Blue Tits and Goldfinches I located a small group of Siskins

Then a stroll down the border edge to view some of the interesting winter colours and shapes.

A fiery Cornus

Eryngium 'Miss Wilmott's Ghost'

and finally a view of the Bi-centenary Glasshouse from the edge of the Rock Garden before returning to more mundane tasks.


  1. Oh to have had a work environment such as you enjoy Frank. It must require a great deal of will power to get back in harness again after your lunch break!

  2. I just got home from a long hectic day at work and going along with you on your walk was just what I needed! Such beautiful scenery.


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