Sunday, 25 January 2009


This wet weather has kept me indoors catching up on a few tasks. But all is not doom and gloom as I have at last treated myself to an new DSLR (Cannon 450D) in advance of a forthcoming (some would say) significant birthday!
So boxes opened & a quick scan through the instructions....and here are some of the first very amaetuer pictures of birds visiting the garden today in not ideal conditions.

Blue Tits & Collared Doves are
regular visitors to the seed feeders.

And finally the resident House Sparrows.


  1. Oooh very nice too Frank and I'm sure your new pressie will give you hours of entertainment and pleasure!!

    You kept your 21st birthday very quiet!

  2. Great photos. It is a treat to come to your blog and see birds we may not get here in the US.

    Congrats on your new toy!

  3. I'ts early days (even hours) Tricia & I'm already hooked BUT nothing much to capture. I now need to read up on RAW - presumably not weather related? They say age is just a state of mind...

  4. Many thanks Kallen, I'm glad you enjoy your visits. Hopefully there will be better pics in future once the camera teaches me how!

  5. New toys! When I get a new camera, my first photos are usually of the opposite wall preceded by the words, "What does this button do?" Looks like you're off to an excellent start.

  6. Steve, I often think I have higher expectations than what actually appears when I download the photo's. I took it to work today so watch this space....if any are ok I will post them.
    Thanks for keeping in touch, it is appreciated.


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