Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Battleston Hill....winter interest

A dull overcast day with the hint of damp in the air. Most of the avian activity at work was centred around the seed feeders so I took a brief stroll onto Battleston Hill and my attention was quickly grabbed by the sight and fragrance emanating from the Hamamelis (Witch hazels) so time for a few quick snaps.......

Hamamelis 'Pallida'

Hamamelis 'Bokshop'

Battleston Hill is a woodland area (see previous post ' a lunchtime stroll) and at this time of year the leaves of the hardy Cyclamen carpet the feet around the trees

Cyclamen coum

Examples of seed heads that provide 'winter interest' on Hydrangea & Agapanthus

This is also a good time of year to follow the "Bark Trail" when the tree trunks show off their naked beauty, such as Acer griseum .......

and two of the many varieties of Eucalyptus
E ucalypyus dalrymplena

Eucalyptus globulus

Just a pity I couldn't spend longer away from work but I had to return in order to attend my 'annual appraisal' with BC............no worries....... as always there were no real surprises except there will not be much in the pot for annual pay rises after such a difficult trading year. Let's hope for better weather this spring.


  1. Does the cyclamen grow wild in the woods there? I've only ever seen it potted and for sale in a greenhouse here. Love the textures and colors of those tree barks.

  2. Hi Lynne, Cyclamen varieties such as hederifolium & coum are hardy and suitable for underplanting shrubs & trees. The variety you see as a houseplant is generally "persicum" with much large flowers and not generally outdoor hardy.

  3. Oooh I can smell the scent of the Hamamelis from here; and as Lynne says, great textures of bark.

    *goes off to plan a trip to Wisley sometime next week; with some good light*

  4. Thanks Tricia. Will also be a good time to look out for early flowering Magnolia's & Galanthus.

  5. What a great place Frank. I love the paperbark maple! How interesting!

  6. I'm glad you enjoy the maples Jayne & I hope a further insight to my "borrowed garden" throughout the seasons.


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