Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Camera was the weather!

I was allowed home from work a little early today so decided to do some quick birding and test the new camera - weather conditions very poor - but here are the results. Dropped in at Papercourt Pits just in case any Goosanders were still around - Answer NO. However I did see Pochard (min x 32) Tufted Ducks (min x 25), Coot (too many), Moorhen (4), Mallard (10+), Kestrel, Blue Tit, Goldcrest, Blackbird, 2 Egyptian Geese flying on far side of the sailing lake [hence the out of focus shot!], numerous Black-headed Gulls and 3 Great-Crested Grebe.
Egyptian Geese
Great-Crested Grebe

Pair of Mallard - Sleeping apart!

I then decided to stop off at Bookham Common just in case the Hawfinches were around but again no luck. With the afternoon light fading and lack of avian activity apart from Blue & Great Tits, Magpies, Jay and an over-flying Lesser-spotted Woodpecker I headed for the pond and managed to take a few shots of a Mute Swan.

One of many bracket fungi - Must try harder to get everything in focus - depth of field I guess.

Finally a view of part of the common which will hopefully be alive with warblers in the spring.

OR you may even meet these fellows as I did last year.


  1. What fantastic photographs. I love how you can see the refelction of the geese in the water. Also really like the fungi picture.

  2. Kallen. I think the new camera did all the hard work - I just pointed & pressed. Concentrated so hard on getting the swan in focus & forgot to look more closely at its 'leg ring'!

  3. Swan looks like he's blowing bubbles. Nice pictures.

  4. Poor light, bad weather conditions, I get a lot of those days Frank, but you did well to conquer them.

  5. Richard - Capturing the bubbles was shear luck!
    Roy - I suppose it's that time of year but we all still keep trying.
    Another day off work so going out to practice some more!

  6. Looks like the camera is doing great! Nice work.

  7. Looks at though you're really enjoying your new "toy" Frank; the results are pretty impressive.

    I'm learning new "birding" areas from you all the time - Papercourt Pitts?? Interesting.

    Must get to Bookham Common. Nearly got there last summer...

  8. Tricia I even went out today without my scope, just bins & the camera!
    Papercourt Pits are between Ripley & Send but beware the main pit is used for sailing at weekends.
    Bookham C - You can join me for a Dawn Chorus stroll. I'll tell you when.

    Thanks Steve your feedback on the technical stuff has triggered some old memories.

  9. Thanks Frank - will look forward to it..


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