Monday, 19 January 2009

Garden Update....a new visitor.

Activity in the garden over the weekend was fairly normal with visits from:
  • Blackbirds (male & female)
  • Blue Tits & a single Great Tit
  • House Sparrows
  • Collared Doves (quickly emptying one of the feeders!)
  • Starlings
  • Goldfinches
  • a pair of Robins (displaying)
  • Dunnock
  • Parakeets (flying over)
and then very late yesterday afternoon I noticed a much smaller visitor on the fatball feeder - a Goldcrest so I quickly set up my scope in the upstairs back bedroom and waited and waited.........Finally in the fading light it returned for another quick snack and I just managed a record digi-scoped shot before it disappeared again - someone is going to have to clean the windows!


  1. I'm so excited! My husband bought me a copy of "Smithsonian Birds of the World". Now I can look up the birds that you describe here. Your Goldcrest looks very much like our Golden-crowned Kinglet. You got a good picture of it showing it's gold crest.

    Now I have to go look up Dunnock!

  2. Goodly selection of garden visitors Frank. Interesting that you get sparrows and I hardly ever see any.

    Great to have a Goldcrest though.

    (And when are you cleaning the windows??)

  3. Love that feeder Frank! I've certainly never seen a Goldcrest, and and vision, even through the window, is lovely. :c)

  4. Lynne. Good move on hubby's part. You are correct - Kinglets & Goldcrest are from the same family 'Regulus' and found in similar locations. I spent a week in Bulgaria with an American birder who nearly got arrested at a UK airport still trying to see a Dunnock...and failed!

  5. Tricia. House Sparrows were very common when I first moved here but then disappeared in mid 90's. Reappeared approx 6 years ago. Hopefully this pair will breed again this year.
    Window cleaning? I guess that will be me!

  6. Jayne. It's seems to have taken a while for birds to get used to the 'spiral' fatball feeder - I think it does depend on the species though. Blue Tits use it regularly.


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