Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Watery Wednesday

Black-headed Gull eventually takes refuge from a rising tide.
Taken during a very brief walk overlooking a rising tide at Rainham Creek, North Kent last week.    FAB.


  1. I particularly like the last shot. I like the rope hanging around the ?? what is that anyway. Anyway I like the last one best Frank. Carol

  2. Frank, beautiful photo of the gull standing on the post. Such calm! Nice composition!

  3. Carol. It's the top of a post for tying boats up to or possibly the remains of an old jetty support. When the tide receeds this area is just mudflats.

    Hilke. Thanks. It was so calm there wasn't a lot of activity anywhere so had to make do with the loafing gulls.

  4. I like the reflections of the gulls! Even the one who is flying!! Are mute swans really mute? Having read to the bottom of the page...

  5. Frank, I love the bottom image, something about it, very calming with the reflection of the bird in the water and other elements in the mix, picture perfect~

  6. Beautiful shots of the gull!

  7. Those are incredible photographs of b-b gull, one of my favourites.

  8. Judy. Thanks for visiting. Unlike other 'Cygnus' species the Mute is far less vocal. Despite its name it does have some distinctive calls.

    Mary. Thanks. It's not always so easy to capture through the lens what the eyes actually see but this was close.

    Eileen. Thanks very much.

    cindyzlogic. Much appreciated.

    Bob B. Glad to oblige. They certainly are characters!

  9. I love the third one, it has a beautiful composition :)

  10. Daniela. Thanks for your visit and lovely comment.


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