Monday, 24 May 2010

Missed It!!

Well it appears that the camera didn't arise early enough today and after returning from a visit to the Dentist I checked out the garden and listened for any sounds from the nest box....nothing.
One the adult Blue Tits was however calling constantly, a warning of a Magpie and Greenfinch nearby, while it was flitting around the upright Prunus.

I then noticed a pale yellow, blue shape hiding inside the ever expanding greenery of the Clematis...a fledged
Blue Tit keeping absolutely still and not uttering a sound. After a few minutes the adult flew off and the youngster followed. I therefore have no idea how many youngsters successfully fledged early this morning but they may return to feeder sometime.

Whilst walking down the garden path another sight caught my eye. A caterpillar web nest in the crook of the Sorbus vilmorinii that has never looked well with numerous lesions on the bark.
Moving around to the shady side there was a mass of Lackey Moth caterpillars  I believe, but if I'm wrong no doubt someone will correct me. I wonder what proportion of this population will survive!   FAB.


  1. For the sake of the tree, I hope the birds eat them all! :)

    I enjoy your images. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Oh, too bad you missed the fledging! The Caterpillar photos are just very interesting. That's quite a mass of them.

  3. Interesting shots of the caterpillars and Blue Tits. Very nice photographs in some of the posts I have glanced at, I will check back.

  4. How maddening to have missed the fledging after waiting all that time.

    Wow - there's a few caterpillars there - and a meal for some lucky birds no doubt.

    Hope the dental visit went OK!

  5. Got to get up early to catch them fledglings Frank!

  6. At least one young Blue Tit was reared anyway Frank.
    I have no idea about the Caterpillars, hope they are not Large Whites.{:)

  7. Mona. Try again next year then!

    Dave. Thanks for dropping by & hope to chat again.

    Tricia. Just my luck! Haven't seen anything nibbling the furry beasts, maybe they are not too delicious. The dental visit is another story!!

    Warren. Yeh, I know but other things on my mind.

    Roy. Hopefully it was the last of a fair crop.

  8. That caterpillar nest looks exactly like something they showed on Spring Watch last year and nobody could work out what it was! If you don't mind I'll send them the link to this blog.

    We don't have any fledgelings yet but from the sounds coming out of the hedges it's only a matter of time :).

  9. Shame you missed the fledging Frank! Your dentist has alot to answer for! (-: I hope the Sorbus survives the invasion!

  10. I like caterpillars, but that tent full of them gives me the creeps! Bet you wouldn't think I'd say that! Do they destroy the tree? ~ks

  11. Gaina. Thanks for the update. I'll keep an eye out for the pics.

    Jenny. I watched them crawling around today but they don't seem to be eating anything!

    Karen. I'm not too keen on large numbers crawling all over me either! No evidence of damage so far.

  12. Hi Frank great photos one thought struck me, if we have a flock of birds, or a gaggle of Geese. what would we call a large number of Caterpillars? dont have any idea what they are. Pity you missed the fledging maybe you should have cancelled the dentist.

  13. Interesting post I have never seen so many caterpillars in one place like that before :)

  14. Monty. This lot could have been called a "wriggle"...Lol.

    Philip. Can't recall when I have either. Thanks for dropping by.

  15. The photo of the caterpillars gives me the crawlies. Hope some birds will make a meal of it. Lots of protein there. Sorry you missed the fledging of he blue tits!

  16. That's a lot of caterpillars! Good meal for the birds! Sorry you missed the fledging.

  17. Hilke & Shelley. Most of the caterpillars now seem to have shrivelled up and died...too hot and lack of food source maybe!

  18. I like that - 'a wriggle'! ~karen

  19. Karen. Sorry to say they aren't wriggling any more!


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