Thursday, 27 May 2010

Garden Update May (Part 2)

Continuing from Part 1, Deutzia crenata 'Nikko' a dwarf variety will flower its socks off through May into June and pale-pink Geraniums will eventually peek above the white carpet  is planted beneath the ever expanding birch (Betula 'Hergest') with its pinkish-white bark which is fun to peel off and reveal the fresh colour.
More colour is now appearing with the pink florets of an Astrantia slowly opening up; the Clematis montana which I heavily pruned earlier this year as most of the growth was hanging the wrong side of the fence is producing some flowers; a Geranium and another Clematis add more pink and blue with the velvety deep purple of a self seeded Aquilegia 'William Guiness' yet to fully open.
A lot of our very small garden is still green with new buds forming on Deutzia 'Pink Pompom', Escallonia 'Apple Blossom to hopefully provide colour into the summer. The red Paeonia (inherited and unknown) has opened since I took the shot and the strong winds have since battered the blooms. Ferns in the shaded side border continue to unfurl beneath the lilac now starting to open its fragrant blooms (Syringa variety unknown) while the hawthorn (Crataegus laevigata Plena) increasing spreads its arms clothed in double white to shade most of the centre of the garden. 
The spheres of Alliums are now swaying in the daily breezes; various old pots of Sempervivum grace the table at the bottom of the garden and another Aquilegia 'William Guiness' now reveals its black and white surprise. 

I have removed numerous snails that were hiding inside the three handmade pottery night lights; no obvious inhabitants in the bee nester; many of the pink pea-like flowers on the Indofera himalayensis 'Silk Road' are already clothing the paving slabs in the corner of the raised patio area at the bottom of the garden; plenty of buds on the climbing rose on the fence trellis and one of the resident 'spadgers' keeps a beady eye open for his friends hiding in the Pittosporum below.   FAB.


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  2. You have a beautiful garden Frank with some gorgeous flowers. What are the dimensions if you don't mind me asking. It will give me a better mind picture. Are you enjoying the Chelsea flower show? I used to go when living in London, but haven't for many years now! Quite an experience! (-:

  3. Such a beautiful variety! Very enticing to many varieties of birds

  4. You may have a small garden Frank but it looks full of lovely blooms.

  5. Lydia. Thank you for dropping by.

    Jenny. It's fairly small, only 18 feet wide by 65 feet long (excluding the 10 foot patio outside the back door). I'm considering posting a plan when I finish redrawing it.
    Chelsea F.S. This will be the first year I haven't visited as part of my previous 14 year employment with RHS so enjoying the TV coverage instead.

    Mona. We try to make it a wildlife friendly as possible.

    John. And plenty of green as well but very little grass!

  6. Frank, your flowers are all so beautiful, you must have good sun in your yard to have such a nice variety. It does not take much land to create remarkable beauty as you have accomplished here. We have mostly shade, so it can be difficult having summer colours. Have a delightful and safe weekend~

  7. Hi Mary. Actually with two fairly large trees there is quite a lot of shade so anything that flowers has to compete for less and less space in order to see the sun. Hope you have a great weekend as well. FAB.

  8. OK, somehow I missed this post. I love collages. Beautiful. Carol


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