Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Red on Yellow.

The natural world is awash with colour and with the warmer weather the yellow headed Dandelions provide a suitable resting platform for our 'flutters' including this Peacock who probably came out of hibernation not too long ago.   FAB.  


  1. Hi Frank,
    I'm so happy to see some colors, so thank you for this nice picture. We do not have any flowers out yet (I meant natural flowers) and we for sure are not getting butterflies ;-) Nice shot.

  2. Lovely image...
    And i like the image u've used as the header!!


  3. I agree Frank, lovely time of the year when all the colours are fresh and clean. Have still not seen many butterflies down hear yet.

  4. He's beautiful, Frank! Very nice photo and I love the yellow and orange combo.

  5. I think most of us have a love affair with butterflies. Me especially. I think it's because they are so bright and beautiful. This one is definitely that. Thanks. Carol

  6. Hi Frank, yes, definitely one of last years crop me thinks! (-: I love your new header!

  7. Chris. You can blame it on the ash grey clouds!!

    Angad. Thanks. I'm still working on a post for the green Parakeet.

    Monty. Same here today..plenty of sunshine but few flutters.

    Mona. Thanks.

    Carol. I agree. Thing should hot up next month with more species on the wing.

  8. Hi Jenny. You're probaly right. The header reflects the daily garden green visitors!!


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