Saturday, 29 May 2010

Open Skies.

Views of the open sky above me today as I spent many hours roaming around Thursley Common, one of the finest remaining heathlands in Southern England.
......and high above me a Hobby was feeding on the wing drifting from blue into white.
For more fabulous SkyWatch images, please click this link.     FAB.


  1. So Frank, you must explain to me what a heathland is, for I have heard of the word for many ages past, but not certain what it means from your vantage point. I must say, whatever it means, it cetainly is quite lovely. enjoy~

  2. Very nice. Montana is known as "Big Sky Country". Good shots!

  3. Hopefully Thursley Common will continue to be a beautiful heartland till the end of time. We need to save these habitats for the wildlife to live in... we all need a home.
    Great shots, Frank.

  4. Mary. Brief explanation sent direct by e-mail. Hope it all makes sense.

    Mona. I don't think we can compete with 'big' Montana.

    Pam. Fortunately it is in good hands providing someone doesn't st light to it again!

  5. There is something so nice about clouds - I love them when they are big like that! Don't know what a Hobby is but very cool catch ;-)

  6. Bird Girl. Hobby is a falcon (Falco subbuteo) that catches insects on the wing.

  7. Reminds me of the local variation... Red Tail hawks. Lovely shots.

  8. Kramer. The Hobby is a very small falcon, (similar in size to American Kestrel) so much smallet than RTH.


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