Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Odds and Ends!

During the past week I have struggled to get the quality of images I have desired and in the words of my friend Kelly "the force appears to have deserted me for the moment"! Anyway here are a few recent snaps taken during various walks.     
Common Whitethroat singing from an unusually high perch.
Common Terns on the raft at Riverside Park.
Horse on the grazing meadow.
Mute Swan comes over to say 'hello'.
Speckled Wood.

My posting and blog reading has got a bit erratic recently as I need to catch up with other tasks so I hope you will excuse me if I don't respond to comments as promptly as I would like but I will endeavour to keep an eye on what everyone is up to.   FAB.


  1. Great shots, FAB. Feathery photography is such a challenge, exasperating at times, but, God bless us, we love it anyway...

  2. All nice photos ,but the butterfly photo really caught my eye!!

  3. Haha! Love it, Frank! I don't know....the Force seems to be working just fine with the terns. I love the shots of them on the rustic raft.

  4. I love that goldfinch.. so pretty!

  5. I think these are lovely!
    Your goldfinch is so much different than ours ~ so great to see birds from your part of the world! Keep 'em coming :)

  6. Beautiful images as always, especially the goldfinch and the butterfly. Thank you for sharing. I always enjoy stopping by your blog.


  7. WOW! Love that goldfinch. So very much different than the American Goldfinches that flock to our feeders and say, "J'eet? No, J'oo?" ~ks

  8. hi Frank - are the fences round the rafts in those pics good at keeping Gulls out? My local reserve has a LBB problem and were discussing solutions in the hide over the weekend. This looks like a simple (and probably cheap) solution.

    Great blog btw


  9. Know the feeling Frank, I think we all go through it at some stage.When it comes again you will appreciate it all the more.

  10. Jann. I'll go along with exasperating.

    grammie g. Thanks. One of the very few that sat still last week!

    Kelly. Unfortunately the 'Force' couldn't get me closer...I still can't walk on water!!

    Jenn. Yes, it is one of our most colourful finches.

    Kerri. A few more colours than the American version. I'll do my best if the feathered friends decide to co-operate!

    Lois. Thank you, I appreciate your visits and comments.

    ksdoolittle. Karen ours make a different twittering sound 'ticklitt..telitt-telitt-telitt'.

    Thing. Thanks Michael. I have e-mailed some info direct and hope it helps.

    Monty. I hope it's soon!!

  11. I love the little butterfly, and the shaggy pony. So cute

  12. Bronwynn. Thanks for your visit.


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.


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