Thursday, 6 May 2010

New Patch Sightings.

A few days ago a friendly neighbour reminded me that a Nightingale had once again returned to a area of damp scrubland on the edge of a paddock just about half a mile from home. I can recall him mentioning this to me in a previous year but (perhaps stupidly) I discounted it thinking that the location was somewhat unlikely. Yesterday morning I headed south to the appointed spot and listened....there was Song Thrush, Blackbird, Blackcap, and Wren singing, then from some 80 yards away the unmistakable 'chuir..chuir..chuir' followed by the liquid warble of yes, a Nightingale. So a new patch tick. My intended onward journey was thwarted by a sign that said "Pathway Closed due to ditch maintenance" and large machinery blocking the way ahead so I had to backtrack and take another  route into Horton Country Park.
As you can see the hedgerows are now in full leaf enabling the residents to hide from view and they did just that although several Whitethroats, Chiffchaffs and Blackcaps made brief appearances but not for any photocall. However other beauties awaited me inside the woodlands.....carpets of scented Bluebells.
Also beneath my feet or at eye level were many other natural wonders to give the camera something to do in the absence of any avian opportunities.
The image below shows the seat overlooking a small 'dipping' pond were I regularly take the weight of my feet before heading for home. During a chance search of a small area of blue sky  I located around 30 Swifts hawking insects and then a few moments later the much larger 'boomerang' shape of my first Hobby for this year who was diving and chasing a Sparrowhawk as it continued it's journey following the Swifts in a north-
easterly direction. I searched the paddocks and fences but no other obvious migrants moving through.

Today (Thursday) we are transporting the folding camper to be serviced in North Kent so I'm hoping we may may get a little time to find somewhere for a stroll. Fingers crossed that all goes well and that I don't need to bend the 'plastic' too heavily.   FAB.


  1. Thats definitely a good patch Frank. the next trick is to get a photo of the Nightingale, good luck with that as I have never managed it yet.

  2. Thank you, once again, for more wonderful images and commentary. It is so much fun to accompany you on your nature walks.


  3. What a beautiful park! I love the mosaic you did highlighting the plants, wood and butterfly!

  4. Sounds like an excellent & worthwhile visit! Lovely photos
    : )

  5. I enjoyed the compilation pics of the park, the Bluebells are beautiful & its nice to see the local haunts of fellow bloggers, Linda

  6. Well done with the Nightingale Frank. An excellent patch tick.
    The Bluebells are looking superb too.

  7. Nice looking area you have to walk!! Still love those bluebell photos; there seems to me be alot more blue wildflowers than garden variety, and blue is my favorite!! Pardon my asking,but what is a paddock????

  8. Lovely images on this post Frank. and congrats on the Nightingale being a new patch tick. Must admit I have never heard or seen one so it would be a lifer for me. Hobby was a good spot as well.

  9. MAGNIFICIENT composition of the BLUEBELLS in the woods; just SUBLIME!!!!!!!
    I am the lucky one to listen The Nightingale's enchanting "Solo-Concerto" under my window .....and when she sings ( during the night )'s just a pity to sleep....!
    Gorgeous Nature Photography, Frank!!
    have a happy evening!!
    ciao ciao elvira

  10. Well done with the two new sightings Frank. Had any spot fly's yet ?

  11. A good place to be late evening, the Nightingale is the no 1.

  12. Great post Frank. I would love to hear a Nightingale, yet alone see one.

  13. Love this post Frank. Really love it. Thanks a bunch. Carol

  14. Roy. That could be just one step too far!

    Lois. I'm just delighted that you could tag along.

    Sarah. You just never know what may turn up during a local walk.

    Shelley. Glad you liked the montage.

    Linda. Thanks. Definitely a good year for Bluebells.

    Keith. Should have trusted the neighbour and checked out the Nightingale before!

    grammie g. A paddock is a field or enclosure, usually fenced, for horses to graze.

    Elvira. I envy you being serenaded all night long by this glorious songster.

    Monty. You'll probably have to come eastwards to hear one.

    Warren. Regret, no sign of Spotted Flycatchers so far but will keep looking.

    Bob B. I agree. A quality songster.

    Angie. You had better join Monty and head eastwards sometime.

    Carol. You are very welcome.

  15. A very nice place to walk and lovely photos again, Frank.

    What could be better than beautiful Bluebells and a lovely Nightingale...'Oh to be in England' etc...I know he was talking about April but I'm sure you get my drift :)

  16. ShySongbird. I certainly get your drift Jan. Amazing to think that having lived here for more years than I care to remember it is only now that I have more free time that I am finding the local hidden gems!


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.


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