Sunday, 16 May 2010

A Feeding Frenzy.

While gardening yesterday; cutting hedges and the tiny lawn; we noticed that the activity at the nest box behind the shed was pretty frantic. Both Blue Tit parents were flying in and out with tasty morsels about every two or three minutes. In order to capture this I set up the camera on the tripod, centre focused on the nest box plate, sat back in the chair with a cup of tea and pressed the remote every time the adults appeared. As you would expect there were lots of blank frames to delete but here are a few images.

The variety of tit bits included flies, caterpillars, grubs and the occassional visit to a fat feeder to supplement the youngster's diet.
 Below is a compilation of the 'outgoing' shots.

A brief session early this morning before it started to rain confirmed that the feeding is still continuing. No idea how many mouths are being fed but the adults are beginning to look a bit frazzled with all this effort!   FAB.


  1. What lovely photos! The coal tits and blue tits in my garden seem to like the upturned hanging basket we've put over their food to stop the crows taking it, and I watched them for ages this afternoon. Unfortunately I was too slow to get any shots of them so I'll have to devise a remote solution like you :).

  2. Well i guess that paternity and maternity is not that easy for birds... Chicks have to fly away so quickly ;-)
    Well done Frank on this set, it is a very nice one, and knowing at what speed they can go out of the nest, I'm quite impressed you got some nice shots ;-)

  3. What fun! Those are some busy birds. It will be interesting to see how many young are in there.

  4. Great post Frank - and love the new header!!

  5. WOW!! Great photos without much effort!!! I think someone should have taken a few shots of you!!! Now that would have been interesting!! :~} The metal on the bird house holes ---is that something you purchased or made!!! I have never seen them.

  6. Isn't this great to watch Frank. You got some great captures there.

    I've a pair nesting in my garden, and the activity is just non stop. No wonder they look so frazzled, poor things.

  7. I haven't got any nesting, unfortunately for me. Maybe it's because the work on their peace of land. So, I'll have to look at yours, Franks.

  8. A great series of photos Frank. It's nice when one can sit back knowing the birds have to return to exactly the same spot.

  9. What great images of devoted parents. :)


  10. Loved this post and all the varied shots. You really gave the feel of the frequency of their visits! I love watching mama and papa as they work tirelessly to bring food to the babies. Such beautiful, little birds too!

  11. Great shots Frank, busy time for these little birds
    (and a great new header photo as well).

  12. I'm tired just from looking at these pictures.. What a variety of food!

  13. Nice montage of Blue Tit shots ! Starlings are doing the same thing in my garden - demolishing the fat blocks!

  14. Gaina. Excellent solution to keep the corvids at bay...must try that.
    Not too remote; I was actually sitting next to the tripod with a cable release in one hand & cup in the other!

    Chris. Your 'young fledgling' will not be flying the nest for a long, long time! Anticipation, speed 1/320 - 1/500 and a quick trigger finger.

    Wilma. I'll post an update if we see them fledge.

    Steve B. Cheers.

    TonyC. Thanks.

    grammie g. Shots of me? Don't put ideas into someones head. The brass plate is a hole protector to prevent 'woodies' etc. from attacking the nest hole.

    Keith. Cheers mate. I was getting just as, press, press!!

    Bob B. Glad to oblige.

    Midmarsh John. Certainly less stressful for me.

    Lois. They are very devoted.

    Kelly. A delightful hour or so and in relative comfort for once.

    Roy. Thanks. They sure work hard.

    Jen. You and me both!!

    Warren. Thanks. Yeah, the Starlings have done the same here.

  15. Frank, these are each one every good as the first. Sitting with a cup of tea, right where you are, just enjoying nature as it is poured before you, what better fun can anyone ask for. Thanks for this series of outstanding images~

  16. Mary. I am privaleged that they continue to grace my garden and set up a home every year.

  17. The Early Birder said...

    Not too remote; I was actually sitting next to the tripod with a cable release in one hand & cup in the other!

    I don't have a remote release yet, would you recommend a cable release over a wireless one?

  18. It was so much fun to see what all these birds gathered for the little ones! How nice to sit and sip tea while pressing the remote - much easier on the neck ;-) I love this little bird and wish I could see it in person someday!

  19. Bad Girl. Relaxed birding for a change! I hope you get the chance to see this little blue charmer one day.


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