Sunday, 23 May 2010

Five are now four.

No birding today apart from keeping an eye on the garden nesters as we have been restocking and repacking all the necessary gear back into the camping trailer. So an update on the goslings...there were five last week but my most recent visit indicates that there are only four can only presume this is a result of predation. 
It was interesting to see the adults sharing sentry duty when the other partner wanted to feed. The youngsters, of course, just kept nibbling away at the fresh green growth and are getting bigger by the day.

I hope to pop out again sometime this week to see how these charmers are progressing.   FAB.


  1. They are beautiful Frank, and the Canada Geese, they are good at looking for their goslings.

  2. Those litle goslings are so darn adorable!!! It is hard to think that one might of been prey for some predator!!!!

  3. They are so lovely and it is sad the part of nature that seems unfair. In our area, it is either Coons, or Snappers that get these~

  4. Cute Goslings. So fluffy. Nice pix.

  5. Frank, is there another pair of geese with goslings on this pond? Little goslings tend to intermix with other clutches.
    We find that with orphan goslings fostering is easily done by other pairs. You just through a little gosling on the pond and the pair will come and collect it nd you don't have an orphan gosling anymore.

  6. Beautiful series, that last image is extra special...Thomas

  7. It's so sweet to watch the family grow. Yes, very sad about the missing #5.


  8. Bob B. Yes, very dutiful parents.

    grammie g. Well that's nature, survival of the fittest.

    Mary. I know, it seems harsh, but that's life.

    Mona. The 'fluffy' look won't last too long!

    Red. Interesting. I have regularly seen them being looked after in a creche but didn't appreciate that adults would adopt so easily.

    Thomas. Thanks for the compliment.

    Lois. Yes it is.

  9. Sooooo sweet; these little geeses and the parents.....wonderful!!!
    One missing?...This is sad, though it seems they have got some predators around?
    ( My 13 geeses were victims to a fox-attack.....I was really very, very sad....some of them were more than 15 yeas old...did you know they can life up to 50 years..if healthy etc.!)
    have a wonderful week, Frank!
    ciao ciao elvira

  10. Claudia. Thanks.

    Elvira. Sorry to hear about your losses by the fox; it was probably the same predator over here. Nearly as old as me so maybe I'll last a little longer..Lol.
    Enjoy your week, ciao ciao FAB.

  11. I did some 'pond hopping' yesterday and saw a slew of gosslings, though not as adorable as yours since they are a little further along. They are so fun to watch. It looks like one of the adults wasn't too thrilled with you checking our her youngsters, though! Cute, cute, cute!

  12. Robin. They are fun to watch at any size but the new youngsters definitely have the 'aaahh' factor.


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