Friday, 7 May 2010

Friday Visitors.

The trip to Kent yesterday was not a total success as the guys who serviced the folding camper told me that they couldn't get the fridge to work but didn't have the time to investigate the cause! So looks like we will have to re-book the unit in again to rectify the problem. We spent most of the day at Cliffe Pools RSPB and had a very pleasant long walk and although most of the birds were not too willing to be photographed  I do have some other images that I will post once I have sorted through them. In the meantime here are a few of todays garden visitors. 
House Sparrow (male) devouring the fatballs.
Parakeet looking over its shoulder.
Starling having emptied one of the feeders found another morsel.
Robin keeping a watchful eye out before taking its turn at the feeder.

Weather forecast for tomorrow is not brilliant but I will be meeting up with an friend who is leading a Surrey Bird Club walk at Bookham Common so fingers crossed that any showers hold off for us.    FAB.


  1. Nice shots, FAB...didn't realize you have parakeets in the UK, what gorgeous colors! Love the robin's pose too. :o)

  2. You know how much I love your Robins! So much prettier than our American ones.

  3. Jann. Many thousands of Rose-ringed (Ring-necked) Parakeets roosting not too far away so garden visits now far more common.

    Shelley. I have a soft spot for them as well.

  4. Nice series - Really like the Robin shot.

  5. Wow! do you have a pair of Keets in the garden?? I didn't know you had parakeets in England!!

  6. Such lovely photos! The colours of the parakeet is stunning! All photos are full of character. Most favourite has to be the Robin, but all brilliant.

  7. A lovely garden selection, Frank! Those Parakeets still look 'odd' to me, I wonder if they will ever get to this area. Always good to see the once so common House Sparrow and I love the quizzical looking little Robin!

  8. I always think of parakeets living in exotic jungles or the like, the only place I every seen any is at the pet store!! :} :] The house sparrow is not such a liked bird by me ever since one got to a nesting blue bird and pecked at its head until it died!!!

  9. Smashing set of photo's of the garden visitors. it's now saturday, and you're right about the weather - it's crap!

  10. Frank, each of these are great, but the expression on your Robin is so cute!

  11. Just discovered your Blog through Google Reader. Excellent sight! You are definitely on my must visit regularily list!
    You're a man of my own heart. If you get a chance check out one of my blog at:

  12. Lovely shot of the parakeet. Certainly don't see anything like that around here!! ~ks

  13. Mona. Thank you.

    Susan. A large feral population in south-east UK. 60 -100 plus have roosted across the road from time to time!

    Shirleyanne. Yes, the Robin definitely offers some interesting photo opportunities.

    ShySongbird. Jan, they are slowly spreading their territories so who knows in time. I'm pleases to say that House Sparrows are a very common sight for us.

    grammie g. As an introduced species many think they shouldn't be allowed to breed as a feral population. Sorry to hear that the House Sparrow is unloved.

    Warren. Cheers. I know and I spent 3-4 hours outdoors today but the intermitent showers didn't stop the birds singing.

    Mary. Yes, it certainly offers some interesting poses.

    Robin. Welcome and thanks for your kind comments. I'll be dropping by very soon.

    ksdoolitte. yes, a colourful visitor. You have plenty of species on your doorstep that I would be glad to see every day.

  14. Lovely pics here Frank.. :)
    That Starling pic is a winner!!


  15. Love the photos-especially the colorful parakeet.

    I was just talking to a lady from Ireland who runs a breakfast diner here in the states.She described a bird-reddish breast-black back-eating worms from ground- and asked me what I thought it was-
    I said a robin-she said it couldn't be because robins are cute little birds and these were larger and not so cute-we were thinking of two different kinds of robns-American robin versus the one you have there.

  16. Love the photos and the Parakeet is just wonderful! I also really love that Robin action shot! What a beautiful bird.

  17. Wonderful shots of wonderful birds.

  18. Angad. Not everyones best friend but the Starling certainly has character!

    Larry. Same name BUT so different. Actually our Robin has a 'black' side to its nture so not always 'cute'!

    Paula. Thanks for joining the 'Early Birders'. I'll be popping over to check out your blog very soon.

    Out walking the dog. Many thanks.


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