Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Afternoon on the marshes.

A chilly day on the Kent Marshes and eventually the sun peeps out from behind the grey clouds and sheds its afternoon rays on  the swaying reedbed.  FAB.

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  1. Beautiful photograph.....many years ago (35 years) I lived at Cliffe Woods and used to visit Cliffe marshes on a regular basis. I remember the very first visit we saw flamingo's....still cannot believe it but we did.
    I still wonder if I dreamed it but I was with several other people who also witnessed it. Odd.....

  2. The Kent Marsh must be a wonderful place to spot birds and wildlife...I like the meandering water as it snakes its way through the marsh grasses.

    Your photography is gorgeous, Frank.

  3. Cheryl. I also remember seeing a Flamingo at Dungeness many yaers ago....I wonder if they were escapees! The north Kent Marshes are great for birding..if only I lived closer.

    Pam. It certainly is a fab area for wildlife. Thanks for joining the "Early Birders".

  4. Frank

    1st I love the new Header...simply stunning. Your picture of the marsh is so lovely I love the light you captured there. I've also admired all your lovely flower pictures and how you put them all together very nice. They would make lovely cards Frank..your wife could use them for Birthday cards!!
    Hugs Crista

  5. Lovely shot this one Frank it makes me want to walk right through it.

  6. Crista. You are too kind. I'll pass the suggesion onto Anita but I think she has plenty of her own work to keep her occupied! Cheers FAB.

    Monty. If you are ever in this neck of the woods you are welcome to call in and sit a while.

  7. I sure wish I had a wonderful marsh like this where I live - it reminds me of Savannah, GA when I visited in February! Your picture is perfect and I can almost feel myself there :-)

  8. Bird Girl. Not exactly on the doorstep but worth a day out in the car any time.


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