Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Hanging On.

A Common Blue (Polyommatus icarus) hanging on for dear life as the strong winds battered both the stems across the water meadows and the photographer.

PJB Update: A recent CT scan revealed nothing so his total lack of awareness, cognitive response, movement etc. has been identified as oxygen starvation and so the experts have warned us that there is unlikely to be any chance of any recovery. The hospital say he will initially be moved to a Nuerology Ward where they will keep him comfortable and hopefully pain free while everyone awaits the enevitable outcome.....however long that may be. Doubtless a few or possibly many more sleepless nights while those that care wish him a peaceful release while holding onto the happy memories of all those past years........FAB.


  1. This photo is just exquisite! Very nice.

  2. Hi Frank...what a pretty bright and soft !!
    Like that flower and seems the Common Blue does too!!

    It is saddening to hear that the news on PJB is so grime!!
    My thoughts and prayers will certainly got out to you during this time of unrest!!

  3. That's a pretty clear picture for a wind shot. My windy day shots usually look like the subject is experiencing a hurricane.

    I’m sorry for the sadness your family is experiencing. I’ve been through similar and there’s not much that can be said to make it easier.

  4. My thoughts are with you and your family as you go through this difficult time. I wish you strength and courage.

  5. Sad news indeed Frank.
    My thoughts are with you and your family my friend.

  6. Hi Frank, a moving post. My eyes filled a little while reading it.
    I pray for your brother, and hope that peace comes to him soonest.
    I feel your parents pain at losing a child, age is no matter, it is their child and I know their heart will ache.

    The butterfly shows clearly our own fragility.......

    We have had torrentil rain for the last twelve hours. I have just walked the garden and it has without doubt been hammered. Many plants are broken, the blooms lying on the grass....looks like autumn has arrived in my part of the world.

    Thinking of you and yours.......

  7. Wow,what a superb shot.
    Fantastic to see,well done Frank.

  8. A really nice Common Blue Butterfly. I'm very upset at your brothers lack of recovery.

  9. Frank, your Common Blue shot is extraordinary. I send you hugs, peace and strength.

  10. Fabulous shot in difficult conditions Frank! Like many others have expressed, you are in my thoughts. Take care. x

  11. What a beautiful glimpse of the little Common Blue. They are so delicate and I just adore their colouration. Good capture shared Frank. Hoping things are well over the pond and beyond~

  12. What a cool photo Frank. Love to see a different butterfly than the usual. My hope for you and your family is to remember your brother and all the wonderful times you had together. For that is what he would want if he could tell you I'm sure. Carol

  13. Frank, please include my sentiments to everyone else's in hoping for a peaceful solution to a very difficult situation with your brother.

    Your photography continues to inspre with its simple beauty and makes me appreciate the simple joys all around.

  14. I am so sorry to read this update Frank. I know what it is like to loose someone as my whole family including my son is gone. Just know you are in my thoughts through this. Hugs.

  15. Hi Everyone.
    Please excuse me if I don't post individual responses to all your kind comments.

    The Common Blue looked so very fragile as it tenaciously hung on much as I am trying to do at the moment.

    All your words and thoughts provide another much appreciated layer of strength and support to help me get through these difficult days ... waiting.

    Bless you all .... FAB.

  16. Beautiful photos as usual Frank. The Skipper header is just sweet.

    So sorry to hear the news of PJB. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  17. So sorry to hear about your brother Frank, a difficult time for you all.
    The butterfly is a beautiful photo.
    A very tranquil insect, appropriate for your thoughts...
    Take care Frank!

  18. Well frank, I am getting tired of all the butterfly photos which I am seeing on blogs, because I can't even get the little creatures to land and stay still long enough to photograph them - much less get something with detail and clarity. Alas and alack!

  19. A beauty of a photo to view during this sad time. My thoughts are with you and your family ...

  20. Hi Chris. I'm sorry to say there may be a few more 'flutter' posts until one or more of the avian species will sit still and close enough for the lens. Anyway, don't get the grumps all the time you can capture those stunning views of the Rockies and the birdlife.

  21. Shirleyanne, Tricia and Julie G.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your supportive words.

  22. Excellent Shot! you would never know that the wind was blowing.

  23. Steve B. Cheers. The speed of the shutter was obviously quicker than the wind!


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