Friday, 1 July 2011

End of month Patchwalk.

My final patchwalk at Epsom Common for June wasn't particularly spectacular for the birdlife .... the Canada Geese families have joined up to babysit the ever growing youngsters.

One Grey Heron was stalking around the shallow water edge of the main island but not having much luck finding anything to eat. Two Common Terns flew in and did a circuit before heading off somewhere else (new addition to the year list for this site). Mallard and Moorhen were also present on the main pond plus a single Swift high overhead.

Heading off across to White Heath I added Goldfinch, Robin, Blue Tit, Jay, Chiffchaff (singing), Common Whitethroats still actively collecting food for their youngsters, Jackdaw, Magpie, Blackbird and Chaffinch.

The most common butterflies on the wing were Meadow Browns (I have kept some other images for a future post) and the lazy flapping Ringlet .... fortunately this one perched with its wings open for a short while.

A White-legged Damselfly posed a few problems as I tried to get close and focus on such a tiny object with the 70 - 300 lens without disturbing it .... these tiny creatures always seem to sense the slightest movements.

Quite a few Large Skippers on the wing and one female perched long enough for me to get close with the Canon Powershot S95.

 Finally a Carrion Crow creeping through the meadow.

Wherever you are I hope you have an enjoyable wildlife watching weekend.  FAB.


  1. i love the deep browns of the butterfly! so pretty in it's simpleness. :)

  2. Yours posts are always full of surprises, and lots of variety! Nice series.

  3. The Meadow Brown is beautiful – looking forward to seeing the other shots. – Tim

  4. A wonderful patchwalk Frank! You saw a lot of things there and the carrion crow shot is beautiful!

  5. Lovely photos again Frank. Butterflies have been in such short supply here.

    I loved the photos of the Silver-washed Fritillary on the previous post, a really beautiful butterfly which I have never managed to see.

    Also lovely to see, in the earlier post, more of your holiday pics, the views there really are spectacular, nice to see Anita enjoying them too :) And it was such a treat to see the little Red Squirrel, really delightful.

  6. I still await a Common tern for the year on my patch Fank. A scarce bird here :-)

  7. Again a beautiful entry. You sure have been out and about.
    Love each frame.

  8. Thanks Theresa. Yes, simple but effective.

    Thank you Mona.

    Cheers Tim.

    Thanks Chris.

    Thanks Lisa.

  9. Hi Jan. I'm certain I haven't seen as many species this year compared to last ... definitely a result of the early season weather patterns although some have certainly appeared much earlier. The Silver-washed is my favourite so it is great to catch up with it every year.
    The tiny Red Squirrel was an bonus .. just a pity we didn't see more of this charming species.

    Hi Warren. Keep scanning ... I'm sure one will fly through sometime.


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