Thursday, 7 July 2011

Visiting Time.

This week I have been racking up the miles .... unfortunately not wildlife watching .... but transporting my mother to visit my father in hospital which requires a round trip of 100 miles each time. He is in good hands and the medical team found a space in their busy schedule to undertake the first of two very necessary angioplasty procedures on his right leg early yesterday evening in an attempt to improve the blood flow to his foot. I am pleased to report that despite a reactive 'blip' which created some serious concerns after the procedure he was feeling a little more comfortable when I saw him today although his exile in hospital may turn out to be a lot longer than he initially expected.  

As I will be back on the road again tomorrow with little opportunity to watch any wildlife here are a couple of images of our regular visiting House Sparrows ... views through the window due to all the heavy rainstorms!

Wherever you are ...... enjoy your wildlife watching.   FAB.


  1. thanks for letting us know about your dad! glad he's doing okay!!! be careful on those commutes, and thanks for sharing these sweet sparrows...

  2. My prayers go out to you and your father and family. I hope he's better and up and around very very soon. Loved the images of the sparrow. Carol

  3. I'm glad to hear your Dad is doing well. You're a good "kid" to be transporting your Mom back and forth. It's in our job description, right, in addition to being in our hearts. :)


  4. I hope your father is up and around soon! I have lots of these Sparrows too!

  5. Prayers for your father and family. I hope he improves and comes home soon.

  6. HI Frank...I do hope that your Father improves rapidly...that is alot of time on the road by the end of a week, and must be hard on your Mother too!!
    I just looked at your post of the butterflies and the are lovely!!
    Your house Sparrow has a surprised look on his face lol!
    Take care

  7. My best wishes to your father for a speedy recovery.

  8. Hi Frank,
    I hope your Dad feels and gets better soon.
    Lovely pictures of a rare bird in my garden!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  9. I hope your dad continues to make good progress Frank.

  10. Theresa, Carol, Lois, Mona, Laura, Grace, Midmarsh John and John.

    Many thanks for all your very kind words. I'm delighted to report that Dad was unexpectedly discharged from hospital today. Whilst he may well be returning for more surgery in the near future he feels more positive as there is a chance to improve his current problems.

    Cheers Frank.

  11. Frank, I have been so busy and not keeping up. I just saw this and I do hope and pray that your father is doing well and that your mother is getting some rest as well as you and your family. It is very difficult having loved ones in hospital anyway and then you add in all of the miles and the stress, whew. Take care~


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.


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