Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Ruddy Darter.

 A Ruddy Darter (Sympetrum sanguineum) conveniently perched and remained absolutely motionless during a brief local walk today despite a freshening breeze and the somewhat fragile landing post. This species can easily be confused with the Common Darter but the Ruddy male (above) has a waisted abdomen with dark sides to the thorax (although on an immature they may be yellow) and the legs both on the male and female are completely black.

By way of comparison here is an image of a Common Darter (Sympetrum striolatum) taken in August 2010. Note the distinctive yellow patches on the side of the thorax and the yellow stripes on the legs.

P.S. Both our fathers are in hospital at the moment (one for planned surgery, the other definitely not) so it may take me a little while to catch up with everyones' recent blog posts and also respond to comments my readers have kindly left over the last few days but I'll do my very best in the time available to me.   FAB.


  1. Just wonderful images. I love the detail you capture so nicely.

    Sorry to hear about your fathers. I hope they both do well.

    All the best,

  2. Amazing macros. Just beautiful

  3. oh, i hope all will be well with your father and father-in-law!!! i'm sorry for this stressful time!

  4. I hope your fathers are doing better soon!

    Thanks for the great shots!


  5. Lovely images – and hope all is well with your fathers. Tim

  6. Ruddy good pics, Frank. Best wishes to the gentlemen.

  7. Wonderful images!!

    Thinking of you and your family ..... hope the "Dad's" are better soon!

  8. Beautiful images Frank..

    My thoughts are with you and your family.

  9. Hi Frank...I am so sorry to hear about the health issues with both you and your wifes Fathers...hope all goes well and will say a little prayer for you!!

    Your last post and todays are just wonderful...some really nice shots of the Meadow Brown and the Ruddy Darter !!
    Best wishes Grace

  10. These are just superb shots! It's nice they sat still for a seconds for you! I wish your fathers my best.

  11. Great comparison guides Frank.

    Best wishes for your fathers.

  12. Lovely pics Frank, best wishes to you all. Linda

  13. Hi Everyone. I'm delighted that you enjoyed a peek at the Ruddy Darter.

    I'm pleased to report that my father-in-law has returned home and should be back to normal very quickly. I have just heard that my dad has had the first of two operations today and I plan to visit (with my mother) tomorrow to check on his progress.

    Many thanks for all for your kind wishes. FAB.

  14. Perfect macro. Beautiful work.


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