Friday, 29 July 2011

Some Summer Sights.


Silver-washed Fritillary
My father has been housebound since his release from hospital as it is now very difficult for him to walk so tomorrow we are taking Mum and Dad out for a drive somewhere and hoping for some decent weather. If we can get his new wheelchair into the boot of my car then I'll definitely get some exercise providing I can find somewhere reasonably level.

Wherever you are ... have a great wildlife watching weekend.   FAB.


  1. oh, i hope the weather cooperates so you can take them out to see some sights. :) beautiful butterfly and sleepy sheep! :)

  2. Lovely images. I especially like that sheep, the source of so much wool for me to knit. ;)

    Have a good weekend with your Day and Mom. I did the same with my parents. I wish I could still do so.

    Very best,

  3. I love the sheep. There aren't nearly enough sheep farmers...IMHO.

  4. Hi Frank...lovely Summer site Daisies and peaceful Lamb wonderful!!
    I will be pulling for a beautiful day for you all to get out and smell the fresh air!!

  5. Nice photos! I hope your outing goes well, and that you see some wonderful photo ops!

  6. Good photos Frank, and I hope you can get on reasonably well with your dad.

  7. Have a lovely trip out Frank...
    The forecast looks fine.

  8. I hope that you can get your parents out for an outing somewhere. Be careful... pushing those wheelchairs is easy, if they are heavy, the trick is getting them in and out of your car. Lovely summer image shares~

  9. I had to take a look here as well.. Fantastic pictures! I promise to come back again.. :)

  10. A very beautiful set of images, Frank. Hope you had a great day with you parents

  11. We are enjoying the summer too, Frank. I see you have lots of great bugs and quadrupeds to show us.

  12. HI Frank,

    Sorry to read about your Dad. There is no fun in getting old.

    I do so hope you all had a lovely day and Dad felt good to be outside.

    Bless you.....

  13. Wonderful images! Love the flowers and the cute swallow and sheep.
    I hope all went well your your Mom and Dad and everyone had a great outing.

  14. Hi Everyone. Thanks for all your good wishes ... as you have probably seen, despite my apprehension about transporting 'the chair' we had a great day out. Cheers FAB.


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