Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Whitmoor Common Walk.

Last week I took up an invitation to join a walk with the Butterfly Conservation Surrey and South West London Branch at Whitmoor Common, a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), comprising heathland, woodland and grassland with some open water pools. With a total of 21 pairs of eyes it wasn't surprising that within the first few minutes at least 8 species were sighted around the fringes of the car park.

I won't bore you with images of all the species that I actually saw (mainly because I didn't or couldn't photograph them all) but here are some that I have not featured on the blog recently. [You can click any image for a slightly larger view].

 Small Copper (Lycaena phlaeas)

 Ringlet (Aphantopus hyperantus) [female I was informed] not showing any rings.

 Beautiful Demoiselle (Calopteryx virgo).

Beautiful Demoiselle .... just a little closer.

White Admiral (Limenitis camilla)
For more images of this species - Click this link to FABirding.

The star species out on the open heath was the Silver-studded Blue (Plebelus argus) but 
..... they were so active that I only managed a couple of record shots this time.

 Brimstone (Gonepteryx rhamni).

I believe the final tally for the group was around 18 species including fleeting glimpses of Purple Hairstreak flitting high above us and hiding in the Oak leaved canopy. It was very interesting to be out and about in the company of so many enthusiastic and knowledgeable people very ably led by Francis Kelly and assisted by his partner Helen.    FAB.

Please check out this link for more of our Winged Friends hosted by NatureFootstep.


  1. oh, that blue damselfly is my favorite! gorgeous!

  2. Hi Theresa. I was delighted to catch up with the Silver-studded at long last.
    You were quick off the mark tonight (11.50 pm here) .. I just posted before turning in!

  3. Beautiful photos, Frank. Butterflies are one of my favorite subjects.

  4. Very pretty! The last one is colored so well to look like a leaf.

  5. Wow - once again you outdid yourself! Just a beautiful series of photos.

  6. Looks like you had a very interesting walk Frank.
    Great find with the Silver-studded Blue.
    It always helps to have 42 eyes! lol.

  7. Really a very beautiful set of images. Great work.
    Love your header by the way.

  8. WonderfulPictures

  9. WonderfulPictures

  10. Hi Frank, really nice photos and a good selection of species too. I've not seen Silver Studded before.

  11. A very nice White Admiral Frank.

  12. Nice set of flutters seen Frank, i'm particularly envious of the Brimstone though, a species I have not yet been able to get on my camera!

  13. Such a lovely group of photos!

  14. Great collection Frank.

  15. Thanks Willard. Hopefully the next month or so should produce a few more species for me to share .. if I'm lucky.

    Hi Lois. Nature is ingenious ... many adaptations to foil predators.

    Hi Mona. As always your kind words are much appreciated.

    Hi Trevor. It was sometimes difficult to keep up with the 'boffins' but it was fun all the same.

    Hi Fotokarusellen. Thanks very much.

    Hi BrandNewStudio. Thank you.

    Hi Alan. Cheers .. neither had I.

    Thanks Roy.

    Thanks Warren. I guess I have been lucky with the Brimstone on a couple of occasions so far this year ... usually always on the wing.

    Hi Pat (bailey-road). Thanks.

  16. Great images! The butterfly population has started to increase around here!! Probably has more to do with getting to be outside more now that the weather has turned nice than the butterflies not being there!! ~karen

  17. Hi Karen. We are suffering from some early summer rain .. day after day! .. so the opportunities are a little limited at the moment but hopefully a few more species will settle for the lens over the coming weeks.
    Enjoy your sunshine and have a great weekend. FAB.

  18. Super photos! I'm especially intrigued by the brimstone.

  19. Ahh! You have to love this post! I would love to have this many bugs to shoot.

  20. This was really nice photos, all of them!
    I would also like to see the white admiral and the lovely blue demoiselle, but yet I have not!

    Thanks for your nice comment on my tiny demsels!
    Regards from Pia
    in south of Sweden

  21. Cheers Steve. When the conditions are right thee are far more 'bugs' about than the camera can actually capture.

    Hi Pia. I appreciate your visit and comments.

  22. Hi, thanks for joining Winged. :)

    Nice collection of winged ones.

    I recognise all except the Ringlet and the White Admiral. I had no idéa there was a white version of the Admiral. We have the red one. :)

  23. Wish I could visit Whitmor Common too! Fabulous photos of some beauties I've not seen here in North Wales. It must have been a wonderful walk!

  24. Hi NatureFootstep. Delighted to join 'Winged'. Just hope I can find something on a regular basis.

    Hi Ann. Thanks. It was definitely an eye opener to be out and about in esteemed company for a change. Fortunately I have a few similar habitat locations fairly close to home.

  25. What a beautiful series! Love the new header too.

  26. Hi JM. Thanks very much.


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.


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