Monday, 11 July 2011

Silent Sparrow.

House Sparrow
 One of this years brood decides it is safe to perch out the open.   FAB.


  1. We have quite a few sparrows around here, but they are never quiet. Although I have noticed they are panting like a dog on this really really hot day.

  2. Hah! Our House Sparrows are all out and about, begging at every opportunity. (Soon the gulls will be on their own and there will be no peace!)

    For us, the house sparrow is an introduced species and very common. Yet, I think that the hens have a very kind face.

  3. Nice one Frank :-) good to see the Sparrows breeding for you.

  4. He keeps a watchful eye on you! Cute fledgling!

  5. Hi Roan. They are rarely very quiet here

    Thanks Tim.

    Cheers Theresa. The youngsters have a charm all of their own.

    Hi Steve. Strangely they are not quite so common over here as they used to be but I'm fortunate to have them visiting most days.

    Thanks Lois.

    Hi Mona. I agree ... the Sparrowhawk was floating hogh overhead that day!

    Hi Warren. Good numbers this year.

    Hi Hilke. There isn't much they don't see.

    Cheers Mike B.

  6. It looks like such a cute little baby!

  7. Thanks Kathie. They soon grow up to be a boisterous as their parents.


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