Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunbathing Lizard.

The sunshine has deserted us recently with several days of rain and the forecast suggests an unsettled weather pattern for the next few days so here are some images of a Common Lizard taken at Thursley Common two months ago.

The Lizards love to haul out onto the wooden boardwalk and are fairly tolerant of a close approach providing you move very slowly and quietly.

Tomorrow I will be hedge cutting at my parents home so I'm hoping for a few hours without rain!   FAB.


  1. he is beautiful! really gorgeous.

    wish we could take your rain!

  2. I'll keep my distance . . . nice photos though!

  3. Hi Frank Great shots,I was only saying to my wife last week I have not seen a Lizard for years down here, and I have been looking.
    PS Glad to help with the Spider ID.

  4. Great shots, Frank. Love the depth of field and the detail. Fine work.

  5. Those Lizard shots are real beauties Frank :-)

  6. Well done with those Lizard shots Frank, I saw your title and thought ''Sunbathing'' where has he been!!

  7. What wonderful close-ups, Frank!
    All of them are great shots.

    Warmest greetings from Spain.

  8. Great images Frank... a lovely subject.

  9. Lovin' that lizard, Frank! Your weather sounds much like ours. We had a sunny day, once! ~karen

  10. Hi Everyone. Thanks for all your kind comments ... all we need now is some more sunshine in order to find some more sunbathing creatures. FAB.


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