Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Alongside the River Mole.

Yesterday I took a very leisurely midday stroll alongside the River Mole on the outskirts of Leatherhead and eventually found a spot overlooking the water and fields to sit and soak up the peace and quiet.
A Grey Heron flew out across the meadow and a pair of Common Buzzards playfully flew overhead but too distant for a shot. On two separate occasions I heard the distinctive short sharp whistle call of a Kingfisher and then a blur of dazzling blue flashed by. I have seen Kingfishers along the R.Mole many times but never close enough for a really decent perched shot (they usually fly away while I'm trying to focus!) so I didn't have any expectation that one might stop by ... but you never know. So I sat patiently while other wildlife flitted around me including a Brown Hawker that also failed to rest during its continuous territorial circuits.
 A very tatty White butterfly was taking a sip from the damp pathway.

 A Grasshopper (not hopping for once) kept me close company for a while.

A Gatekeeper rested on the neaby ferns ... soaking up the sunshine.

A Hobby took me totally by surprise as it dashed down river and headed somewhere to hunt for its lunch and then while watching a Moorhen in the shows of the overhanging vegetation on the far side of the river I noticed a blob of colour amongst the branches ..... the Kingfisher was resting briefly in between its sorties.

I crept a little closer and managed a couple of record shots (both cropped) as the Kingfisher watched for any movement in the water before disappearing once again downstream.

When the cows trundled down into the water and disturbed the peace and quiet I knew it was time to head home with just the sounds of Jackdaw, Green and Great Spotted Woodies to keep me company.  FAB.


  1. Great Frank, they are so beautiful, and my favourite is, the Grasshopper.

  2. What a lovely day along the river. Nice images. :)

  3. Lovely post, Frank, and very well described. I would love to get a decent shot of a Kingfisher!

  4. Looks like a lovely place to visit Frank...
    Nice capture of the Kingfisher.

  5. your kingfisher is so beautiful! but i love the holstein cows coming down to the water too! reminds me of 'home' in Wisconsin.

  6. Great place Frank, and superb shots to boot.Well done on the Kingfisher not an easy bird to photograph.

  7. Well done with the Kingfisher, really tricky subjects that are ususally very camera shy! Sounds like you found a great place to sit and watch the world go by.

  8. Good shots of the Kingfisher Frank. I have not seen so many around this year after last winters extreme conditions.

  9. Nice outing and photos, Frank! I love the colorful kingfihser and the gatekeeper is beautiful. Wonderful sightings.

  10. that kingfisher is beautiful
    what a lovely time and great captures!

  11. Great looking place Frank,out doors is a great friend to have.

  12. Cheers Bob. The Grasshopper semed very tame!

    Thanks Lois. Always enjoy spending an hour or so outside watching whatever turns up.

    Hi Mona. Yes, I'm still waiting for that really close encounter .. one day perhaps.

    Cheers Andrew. With so many cows around you just have to take care where you sit!!

    Hi Theresa. Delighted to bring back some 'homeland' memories for you.

    Thanks Monty. Just a pity it sat in the shade.

    Cheers Alan. Can usually find a peaceful spot somewhere locally to while away a little time.

    Thanks Roy. Unusually for me this was my first sighting this year.

    Thank you Eileen.

    Thank you Reena.

    Cheers John. I wouldn't survive without all the fresh air!

  13. Well, what a relaxing AND exciting walk you had! Love all the names of your birds! So different and yet some the same as ours!

  14. I love the beautiful scenery. It's nice to unwind there.

    Mary Joy from Acoustic Guitar Software

  15. Hi Kathie. Yes, despite the distance we do share a lot of similar species.

    Hi Mary Joy. Thanks for your visit and comment.


I hope you enjoyed your visit and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.


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