Friday, 22 July 2011

Guarding the larder.

When you find a good source of food you just have to protect it. A Blackbird stakes his claim to an abundant collection of hawthorn berries and is intent on protecting it from allcomers. 

 Wherever you are ... have a great wildlife watching weekend.  FAB.

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  1. YOU, too!! Finally getting some decent weather here in Cape Breton. Sounds like a hike along the rocky bound coast tomorrow to me!! ~karen

  2. He appears to be a good guard.

    We are over here in the oven called the USA. We're not venturing outside at all.

  3. he is trying his darnedest to look as big and powerful as possible. sort of like me guarding my dessert bowl from the dogs... :)

  4. You got some cute captures there Frank and it sure does seem to be checking things out from all sides. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend, doing what your heart desires~

  5. Great sighting, I can see why he would want to protect his food source.

  6. Hi Frank...great funny photos!!
    I just love that Blackbird look!!
    Have a good one... Grace

  7. Hey nice ones! You have a good weekend too.

  8. Gotta protect your food supply at no cost!

  9. .... or rather at ALL costs! LOL

  10. Those are great photos, have a great weekend also.

  11. Cheers Bob.

    Hi Karen. Glad to hear your weather is improving. Hope you had a good outing along the coast.

    Hi Lois. I guess the AC will be on full blast then.. try to stay cool.

    Hi Theresa. I'm sure your are a class act at keeping everything in order.

    Thanks Mama Zen.

    Hi Mary. He definitely wasn't going to be disturbed from his post. Just chilling out as usual.

    Thanks Eileen.

    Thanks Grace.

    Thanks Mona.

    Absolutely Reena.

    Cheers Warren.

    Thank you Denise.

    Thanks Andy W.

  12. A great post Frank he really is on guard... lovely to see.

  13. Those are great shots. Looks like he is keeping a close watch for possible intruders.

    I love your header photo with the little Skipper.

  14. Ha! Blackbirds must be bossy wherever they are! :)

  15. Very good photos of Blackbird.


  16. Loved this post , the last and all the nature ones! Do follow my blog.

  17. Thanks Andrew.

    SquirrelQueen. Thanks for your visit. I appreciate the 'header' compliment.

    Cheers EG Wow.

    Thank you Tatjana.

    Savories of Life. Thanks for your visit and comments.


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