Friday, 29 July 2011

Fallows in Velvet.

After spending an hour or two wandering the tracks in Richmond Park and not finding much of interest to photograph my luck eventually changed just a hundred yards from the car park with a small group of around ten Fallow Deer bucks quietly feeding within feet of a very busy footpath. So I decided to sit down, rest my back against a fence and snap away at low level with the 70-300 lens.... so here are some of the results.

 There was quite a mixture of ages ... check the different sizes of the antler growths.

 There was also one very dark individual amongst the group.

At one stage a couple came so close ... they could have chewed my feet! At times like this I wish I had a second camera with the shorter lens attached rather that wonder about switching lenses mid session .. which I didn't as I'm sure I would have missed some of these shots.

In about a months time they will start to shed the velvet and expose the hardened antlers in time for the autumn rut when most of the bucks will disperse and begin their territorial battles.

At the moment these guys are happy and contented in each others company .... but it won't last. Hopefully I'll get a chance to return to monitor the next stage.    FAB.

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  1. oh my goodness. they're beautiful! i would have been a bit intimidated to have them that close! i know if they're not rutting, they're supposed to be non-aggressive, but still. wow. their racks are beautiful!

  2. HI Frank...they sure are beauties..I always wondered how they could carry those antlers around ...just amazing!!
    Very nice photos showing the antlers in velvet!!
    Hope your great

  3. What a wonderful opportunity! Great images! I love it!

  4. I love how you displayed the various angles ... beautiful creatures!

  5. Fabulous series, Frank! Lucky you to have gotten this opportunity. They are beautiful.

  6. Some great images here Frank, such a beautiful and peaceful scene, how it will change in a few weeks time tho'!!

  7. Lovely images Frank and a privilege to be so close to such animals.

  8. Interesting post, Frank. I have never had a close-up look at antlers with the velvet still on it. Your exquisite photos show the thick ropey blood vessels running through the velvet.

  9. Beautiful animals. the antlers look like a cross of Moose and Deer. Don't think I've seen them before.

  10. Brilliant collection Frank,lovely images.

  11. A stunning set of images, Frank. This is not luck, this is a very good photographers work. Beautiful!

  12. Hi TexWisGirl. They were very docile Theresa and much more interested in chewing the grass .. plus there are very used to having humans in close proximity but it will be different in a month or two!

    Hi Grace. I'm sure we would be tripping over ourselves with all that weight on top .. lol.

    Sure was fun Lois.

    Thank you Reena.

    Hi Moina. They make good subjects when they are this peaceful.

    Cheers Trevor. Yes .. lots of noise and crashing antlers .. can't wait to see it.

    Thanks Roy. It's always a joy to get up close and personal with any wildlife.

    Hi Hilke. Very soft looking at the moment but will be very different prior to the rut starting.

    Hi Carol. Yes, and totally different to the Roe Deer that are also resident in the park.

    Thanks John.

    Hi Fotokarusellen. Thanks for the compliment.

    Cheers Keith. Just another one of those magical few momemts.

  13. Wow! Beautiful photos Frank!! How lucky to see these animals so close like that!

  14. Beautiful captures Frank.
    I really do like your collages.

  15. Thanks very much Ginny.

    Cheers Andrew. It's a simple way of including lots of images ... thanks to Picasa.

  16. Beautiful, beautiful photos Frank! Wow, you must want to reach out and touch the velvety antlers.

  17. Awesome captures! In the states up on Virginia's Skyline Drive, the camping park has deer so unafraid of humans they'll come visit your tent.

  18. A cracking set of shots there Frank.

  19. Frank, they are beautiful! Great shots of the deer!

  20. What magnificent shots!

  21. What Brilliant photos Frank! Really lovely & wildlife at it's best!
    Hopefully, I will be getting the chance to visit Richmond in October as one of my brother's lives in Surrey & they would like to take me there when I visit.
    Please you got the chance to get out to Arundell, I'm sure it made your Dad's day aswell! Take care!

  22. The early birder catches the deer :)

    Such beautiful fellows, and you did such a great job shooting them. It always seems to happen that way for me too. I think I'm going to have a day with no sightings, and as I am leaving, something appears. Thank you so much for sharing them on "Behind The Camera" today!

  23. Hi Jann. One was nearly close enough to do just that!

    Hi Cheryl. Thanks.

    Thanks Tatjana.

    Cheers M John.

    Thanks Eileen.

    Thanks ladyfi.

    Hi Shirleyanne. I do hope you get a chance to visit Richmond Park ... there is plenty of wildlife and masses of paths to wander.

    Hi Tammy. I sometimes think it is a waste of time carrying all the gear but you never know what is around the corner.

  24. How wonderful to see all the beautiful detail in your photos.
    (I popped over from Tammy's blog).
    Cheers, Susan

  25. They are beautiful animals and you got some wonderful shots from that viewpoint!

  26. Hi Susan. Thanks for visiting.

    Thank you Pat.


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