Thursday, 21 July 2011


Another day with overcast skies with a light breeze but feeling slightly muggy. My visit to Epsom Common for a circuit of the two ponds didn't start until just before midday. A few fishermen had staked out their places around the small pond where Canada Geese and one female Mandarin Duck was logged. A Great Spotted Woodpecker called from within the wood otherwise all seemed very, very quiet.

A Grey Heron was standing motionless at the edge of the Stew Pond and while I tried to creep closer without disturbing its concentration my attention was drawn to a shape floating overhead .....

... a quick shot was taken of a Common Tern doing one of several high circuits of the pond.

When I turned back to the Heron I had obviously missed the important part of the fishing action but just managed one shot of dinner being manipulated before being devoured. Shortly after it decided to fly off to another part of the pond. Typically for this time of day the birds were keeping out of sight but I did log Blue Tit, Jay, Carrion Crow, Blackbird, Green Woodpecker and watched a tiny warbler (probably young Garden Warbler) feeding high above in the leafy oak canopy. Another female Mandarin was seen on the main pond but no evidence of any youngsters.

Alongside the pathways I logged various butterflies including Green-veined White, Silver-washed Fritillary, Ringlet, Meadow Brown, Red Admiral, Gatekeeper plus Ringlet and a few are shown below.

Large Skipper.



The recent run of damp weather is obviously helping the growth of fungi.    FAB.

Please check out this link for more of our Winged Friends hosted by NatureFootstep.


  1. All wonderful images, especially the heron.

  2. great catch on the fish - for you and the heron! :)

    love your butterflies. the ringlet and gatekeeper i've not seen before on blogs...

  3. Lovely photos of the heron and I love the pretty skipper.

  4. Thank you Lois. Can always rely on the Heron to be around but not often so close.

    Hi Theresa. I should have concentrated on the Heron but you know how it is ... easily distracted!
    Seperate post coming up soon on the Gatekeeper.

  5. Nice catch! Love that Heron shot. Nice series, Frank.

  6. Great shots! I especially like the heron, and the butterfly photos are lovely too.

    Thanks for visiting my entry and for your comment :)

  7. Thank you Mona.

    Hi Hilde. Thanks for returning the compliment.

  8. I´ve seen a heron swallow a big frog once. Wasn´t a prette sight.

    The Gatekeeper is a lovely butterfly. :)

  9. Hi Frank, you did well to get a the tern shot that's always tricky, butterflies are nice too.

  10. Nice photos of all your winged friends.

  11. Butterflys and mushrooms. Two of my favorite things. Nice photo of the heron. It's hard for me to get a good heron image. I need a longer lens. It's pretty HOT over here in the states across the BIG POND from you. Hope you guys are cooler over there. Carol

  12. Very nice pictures, Frank!
    I like them all!
    I've also seen the Heron and taken photos of it, but NOT as good as yours! :)

    Thanks for your comment and suggestions of the real name on my butterflies! I think you named them correctly!
    Have a nice day!
    Greetings from Pia

  13. Very jealous of that tern Frank, one would be a very welcome year tick here :-)

  14. Wow, love your images!!! Thanks for sharing=)

  15. NatureFootstep. Well, everyone has to eat ... including our feathered friends.

    Cheers Alan .. a lucky single shot!

    Thank you Charlotta.

    Hi Carol. Fortunately it's a lot cooler here ... take care in all that heat.

    Thank you Pia.

    Hi Warren. One or two seem to turn up on odd days every year but don't hang around for long.

    @nattsyrransphoto. Thank you for your visit and comments Susanne.

  16. Great shots frank. Sounds like my kind of day!

  17. Thanks Tammy. Just a pity there weren't more birds in front of the lens.


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