Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Hairy Caterpillar.

During my wander around Bookham Common last Friday I came across this colourful but hairy caterpillar resting on a fern.

A bit of research revealed that it is the caterpillar of a Yellow-Tailed [Tussock] Moth (Euproctis similis).  
In common with many of the Lymantriidae, it is covered with irritating hairs and should only be handled with extreme care .. or preferably, not at all. It will eventually turn into a white moth that usually flies during July and August. 
(Image courtesy of ukmoths.org.uk and photographed by Mike V. Pike).

For another interesting creature, a Golden-bloomed Grey Longhorn Beetle, please click the link to my photo blog.   FAB.


  1. pretty little furry thing. :)

  2. Love the markings on that Caterpillar. Nice shot. I've been in Alaska for 10 days, so I'm behind on my blogging. Am home now and catching up.

  3. HI Frank That is a beautiful looking caterpillar adn it was god of you to do the research into finding out what it would turn into. The moth is probably a little less attractive.Margret

  4. You've got some pretty hairy creatures there Frank.

  5. Interesting images and information!

  6. Hello
    You have a very fantastik blog.
    I like you'r picture very much.
    Have a nice day.
    Karin from Norway.

  7. Hello Frank:)
    I came over to see your blog and found it fascinating. We like the same things, so I am following you too:)

    Lovely photo of the pretty caterpillar. How exciting it is to find something new and interesting!

  8. I came back again to thank you for identifying the demoiselle correctly, Thank you so much Frank, I appreciate your interest:)

  9. How interesting Frank. I never heard of that moth and so many of these hairy things look alike until someone tells us. Hard to believe your comment about Shelduck - here in autumn/winter there are many hundreds.

  10. Such pretty little critters. Super images, as always, Frank. :)


  11. I found one yesterday in my garden


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