Tuesday, 9 July 2013

UK Tribute for WBW.

As a tribute to Stewart who has so ably hosted Wild Bird Wednesday for the past year I thought I would share some images from my blog archives of just a few UK species I'm sure he was well acquainted with before he travelled down-under.


 Blue Tits.



Little Grebe.

Great Crested Grebe.

Reed Bunting.

Congratulations on the 1st Anniversary of Wild Bird Wednesday and long may we continue to appreciate all the species shared from around the globe. If you haven't previously participated why not click the above link and join in.   FAB.


  1. Great images Frank. Stewart may feel a little homesick after looking at those British Birds.

  2. Excellent set of images Frank...[;o)

  3. Lovely selection Frank,thank you your comments,yes we also noticed that
    Dragonfly numbers are down and have been for a couple of years.
    Hope to get back to some birding soon.

  4. Wonderful series of birds and photos, Frank!

  5. Beautiful photography of birds.
    A pleasure to watch. So natural and fine.

  6. LOVE the robin especially...but as always, they're all excellent.

  7. Great post, Frank. So many stunning images! The Robin sure has a mouth full!

  8. Lovely photographs each one Frank but i'm rather endeared by the sleepy glance from the Skylark

  9. Great series of photos and all the birds are very exotic looking to another birder from "down under"!

  10. An excellent series of shots Frank. The little robin is my fave UK bird.

  11. Nice collection again Frank! Love the Grebes!

  12. Excellent photos! We had a robin in our yard yesterday.

  13. What a thrilling series of images, just marvelous, each and every one. Wow, what a great day you had with these beauties~

  14. Gorgeous shots.
    They are so beautiful

    Ill be gone for a few weeks on a vacation.

  15. The robin with moss is quite a catch as are the feeding blue tits. Lovely shots and nice of you to post them for Stewart so I get to see some of the European birds I miss as well.

  16. Frank, so now I see I need to travel to the UK to get me a few more grebes! Lovely bunch of birds here. I would love to see each one!

  17. Great collection of birds Frank! I just love those grebes.

  18. Thanks for this collection! All nice birds - and I still get to see two of these (SL and GCG).

    For a horrible moment I thought you were going to post Bearded Tit/ Reedling which was a bird I dipped out on some many times I stopped laughing!!

    Thanks again - slow reply caused by being in central Australia. SM

  19. Thanks for all your kind comments.

    The bird life here is exceptionally quiet at the moment so it may be a while before I'm able to post a similar assortment of UK species.


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