Friday, 5 July 2013

Reflecting on Blogger.

If anyone out there wondered why they couldn't find either of my blogs from around 8pm yesterday then you will have to ask Blogger .... but like me you won't get any answers. 

After publishing my previous post on the Small Tortoiseshell last evening I attempted to log in again four hours later to review any comments only to find that because of  message stating 'Suspicious / Unusual activity on your account' both blogs had been deleted! With no e-mail explanation from Google and no way to access resetting my blogs via the Dashboard what the heck do I do next? 
I trawled the 'Help' subjects which were less than helpful and after viewing an informative  post on The Real Blogger Status where it indicated that after initiating hacking recovery (which I had previously done) it may take anything from 24-48 hours for my account to be verified as free from any hacked content I decided to wait and see. So when I logged in again this evening I was delighted to see that everything was back to normal but still no explanation. 
Based on the information I gleaned from various sources the so called 'Suspicious / Unusual Activity' may be related to the fact that on many recent posts I had been replying directly to far more comments than in the past so in future you may not see so many responses from me unless a reader / commenter asks a question or I believe their comment actually needs a reply ... I do hope you will all understand.

Yesterday evening I had planned a totally different post but that will now have to wait as I reflect on the past 24 hours without access to my blogs. So here are a few more reflections to take us into the weekend.

Mute Swans.

Tufted Duck.

Coot .. Two heads are better than one!

Wishing everyone a glorious wildlife watching weekend.  FAB.


  1. oh Frank; that surely was totally frustrating and scary stuff you dealed with. Sorry to hear, but good news in the end, and thanks to the link toThe Real Blogger Status. Your photographs are delightful; beautiful ducks; that tufted duck is amazing

  2. great shots. This happend to somebody else a week or so ago. I don´t remember who. I don´t think it was your answering comments that did it. Blogger probably has some glitch somewhere that causes it.

  3. No I don't understand Frank. Having similar happenings to me in the past I think you must have upset someone at blogger like I did and it becomes payback time. Nice to see your back in business

  4. Glad you were able to work it through. I've had similar issues with Blogger and feel your frustration. Somehow, I don't think answering comments was the cause, or we'd all be in the same boat. Tomorrow is a new day!

  5. Frank, you have a way to install beautiful well caught.

  6. Delightful capture of white swans ... we only have black swans here which have a beauty of their own but I do love to see the majestic white variety.

  7. glad you got it straightened out! another blogger from poland had it happen to her yesterday, too.

  8. Frank, I had the same thing happen. I think it was just blogger acting up! I am glad it did not last long. Love your bird and photos. I hope you do not mind I am linking up your blog on my post tomorrow as one of my favorite blog to visit. Happy Birding!

  9. It's a real bummer when things disappear with out explanation. I hope it doesn't happen again. I like the play on words about reflections.

  10. Great to see all reflections!

  11. That was no fun at all! It's so frustrating when this happens, but I'm pleased you got your blog image back. Lovely water birds series, and I especially like the shot of the little Tufted Duck:)

  12. Some days, Blogger just "boggles" my mind. Great photos!

  13. Your not the first one to mention Blogger finding "suspicious activity" Frank. I wonder if it's just the birders who are suspicious. Glad you got the blog back though.

  14. What a bummer! I have noticed now and then that posts that pop up and I plan to comment on, have disappeared when I click on them.
    It is really aggravating when a post you spend a lot of work and thought on disappears into the void.


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