Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Black Darter.

Another dragonfly that enjoys shallow acidic water pools on the heathland bog at Thursley Common is the small Black Darter (Sympetrum danae). Mature males are the only resident black darter to occur in Britain with its distinctive yellow markings an waisted abdomen. [In North America it is called the Black Meadowhawk].

The harsh sunlight and dark background didn't help to focus on this male who was constantly fluttering its wings in the light breeze.

In the past I have only ever caught a female 'in cop' with her partner so it was pleasing to find one perched amongst the emergent vegetation.

Immature males and females can be distinguished from other similar looking darters by their smaller size, entirely black legs and the black triangle visible on the top of the thorax.

Their flight season is usually from mid July through to mid September so I still have plenty of time to hopefully spend some more time with this special little darter.   FAB.

All images taken with the 70-300mm lens, handheld.   Linking to NF Winged.


  1. Wow Black Darter,top Dragon Frank.
    Super images,well done, lucky you.

  2. It's hard to catch a dragonfly. Nice.

  3. Very interesting info on helping ID this little beauty. I haven't seen this one before. Just started watching dragonflies last summer. So easy to become absorbed in watching them.

  4. Really hard to snap a dragonfly - they zoom about the garden at an impossible pace for a digital camera!! Fabulous closeup photos - those wings!! We came upon a little group of Beautiful Demoiselle a week or so ago - four males and a female. She was laying eggs in a small stream running into the River Conwy and the males were very excited. They certainly live up to their name. There's a photo here -

    No - not that one - those are my feet!! :o)

  5. Nice Darter, great captures Frank!

  6. very beautiful; wonderful photo moments for you Frank to see these

  7. Nice sighting and great info and pics too Frank, would love to see one, a trip Thursley is long overdue :-)

  8. Wow! One I have never seen. Great shots Frank.

  9. Great shots, Frank!! Not a variety I'm familiar with.

  10. Hi Everyone.

    Many thanks for all your appreciative words. I spent some more time with the female Black Darter yesterday so will have a few more images to post very soon.


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